Flag football fans and players

Fans watch as players play in a flag football game at the IM Flag Football Championships on Dec. 3, 2018, in Sanford Stadium in Athens. 

Underneath the Sanford Stadium lights, leagues of Bulldogs faced off in battles for titles in 2018’s Intramural Flag Football Championships Monday. Men and women across various age groups and majors fought to score touchdowns in the venue where Georgia fans had witnessed the victorious moments of football stars like Jake Fromm and D’Andre Swift just weeks before.

On a chilly Monday night in December, players from eight flag football teams cemented their own legacies in Sanford’s end zones, making memories in front of their own passionate fans on a field many of their fellow classmates will only step on for graduation.

A smaller version of the classic Saturday in Athens atmosphere was in full swing for the championship matchups. “Glory, Glory” roared to celebrate scoring plays, while fans welcomed the fourth quarter with hands in the air and “Krypton” over the speakers. On the sidelines, Georgia’s mascot Hairy Dawg roamed all evening, giving high fives to players and hyping up an exuberant crowd.

The 2018 women’s league champions Vet Med drew a large fanbase to their matchup against Trophy Wives. The crowd of over 20 enthusiastic fans were the players’ fellow students of the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine.

Vet Med’s friends and colleagues showed support for their team with signs and an organized cheering section. Justin McKinley, a veterinary student from McDonough, Georgia, led his classmates in a variety of chants to bring energy to the squad.

“It’s just whatever sounds good and feels right at the time,” McKinley said of the cheers. “We’ve had to nix a couple of them just because they weren’t working. We’re very superstitious.”

According to fourth-year Vet Med player Torri Allen of Stafford, Virginia, her team’s passionate cheering section has been loyal since the beginning, attending regular season games all year.

“We love our Vet Med,” Allen said. “We’re a close-knit family over there. It’s awesome.”

Vet Med’s second women’s league championship in a row was punctuated by a strong performance in Sanford Stadium, as they claimed a healthy victory over Trophy Wives by a score of 38-6.

“Coming back here and being able to play under the lights with my girls and winning again [is] an amazing feeling,” Allen said.

In the men’s A league championship game, Dream Team defeated Law Dawgs with a score of 21-12. The intense match-up was often a battle of defensive prowess, where passes were frequently batted down and a Dream Team interception accented their victory.

Junior Dream Team player Bryant Bolds II from Conyers, Georgia, said his team’s dream of making it to the championship finally came true after three hard-fought years thanks to effective recruiting.

Bolds believes playing in Georgia’s beloved Sanford Stadium capped off what Dream Team had been working toward all season.

“Playing in Sanford Stadium, that was something we were definitely looking forward to,” Bolds said. “Being out here on the field [was] like we were actually players.”

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