Flag football championships Dec. 3, 2018

A member of the team “Back That Pass Up” leaps into the endzone to score a touchdown for his team; the “Back That Pass Up” team defeated their opponents, the “Favre Dollar Footlongs” by a score of 35-6. The University of Georgia Intramural League hosted the four game IM Flag Football Championships in Sanford Stadium in Athens, Georgia on Dec. 3, 2018. (Photo: Kate Skeean)

Several intramural flag football teams were able to cap off their seasons Tuesday with a big day in the championships at the University of Georgia’s Sanford Stadium.

The games saw both close finishes and blowouts as men’s team Back That Pass Up defeated Favre Dollar Footlongs 35-6 in the B and C league championship, coed team Los Ganadores picked up a 9-6 win over Spice Girls Farewell Tour, women’s team Vet Med won 38-6 over Trophy Wives, and Dream Team won the men’s A league final via a 21-12 victory over Law Dawgs.

Students and family members alike came out to support players such as Sam Jackson of Back That Pass Up after they enjoyed a successful season and earned the right to step on the field at Sanford.

“It was really good to have that support, a great group of guys and girls came out,” Jackson said.

The intramural championships were full of teams that had formed a great bond over the course of the season or even multiple seasons that they had played together, and this chemistry showed in teams such as coed winners Los Gamadores.

“It was a big team effort,” said Anna Parks following her team’s 9-6 victory. “We’ve been close multiple years so this was huge for us.”

UGA Intramural supervisor and referee Chris Ayeni helped ensure the day at Sanford went well for all the teams involved, noting that the intramural staff always start championship day early to set everything up so the event will be a success. Aye said he enjoys working for a program that provides a place where friends can make a team and compete together side by side.

“It’s an organized place to come make a team with your friends,” Ayeni said. “Even if you lose, it’s still pretty fun.”

Players at the championships were able to create special memories with their teammates through the intramural program as they tried to make it to the big day at Sanford and end their semester on a high note heading into finals week. Teams’ reflection on their memorable runs to the big day prove that both the journey and the destination can be equally fulfilling.

“In the semifinals we beat a team with a lot of our close friends in a close game to make it to Sanford,” Hunter Manning of Back That Pass Up said. “To be here tonight was pretty cool.”