Four-star offensive tackle Dyshon Sims is among the biggest risers in the recruiting class of 2014. A relative unknown before his commitment to the University of Georgia, Sims is now the 20th-ranked offensive tackle in the nation according to ESPN. A gifted technical blocker and a notoriously-hard worker, Sims has the right combination of height and athleticism to be an effective blocker at the collegiate level. However, there are multiple questions about Sims’ size that likely will require a redshirted freshman season to address.


As tangible as many of Sims’ positive qualities are, his intangible qualities define his ability. Sims is said to be one of the hardest workers in practice and in games of any prospect in the class. This is evident when watching his blocking style; every single play is blocked until the whistle or driven into the ground. But Sims is more than just a hard worker. His 6-foot-4 frame allows him to stay low and remain an effective run blocker, whereas his long arms and reactive feet make him a tough blocker to pass rush against. Sims has a quick initial step off the line of scrimmage which allows him to get underneath a defender’s pads and knock him off of his balance. Sims is very flexible and has proved more than capable of playing out of either a two-point or three-point stance.


By no means is Sims too small or too large to play any position on the offensive line, but the prevailing impression is that he has yet to stop growing. At 6-foot-4, 265 pounds, Sims lines up as a tackle and plays quite well at the high school level. However, his current size is more befitting of an offensive guard at the collegiate level, unless he continues to grow. If Sims can put either two inches or 25 pounds on his frame, he can be a reliable offensive tackle. Additionally, Sims could stand to increase his upper body strength and the speed of his hands when pass blocking.

Final take:

Sims is an athletic, physical and hard-working offensive tackle who has wowed coaches and scouts alike with his ability. With the current status of the UGA offensive line and the depth available at the position, Sims likely would be served best to redshirt his first season as a Bulldog. It would not be unheard of for the highly touted prospect to bump inside to guard after his redshirt season if he does not fill out as expected, but whether or not he makes a position change, Sims has the skills and the drive to succeed as a collegiate offensive lineman.

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