In addition to the rule changes regarding targeting, Steve Shaw, the SEC coordinator of officials, spoke about other rule changes. Two of the changes were to blind-side blocking and overtime rules. 

Related to the rules on targeting is the rule on blind-side blocking. 

The emphasis on blind-side blocking is in response to players making big hits as blocks. Shaw referenced what he said the players call lighting someone up. 

A blind-side block comes from outside the player’s field of vision and involves an excessive hit on the player. 

Shaw showed examples of good blocks from outside a players field of vision. The consistency was that blockers did not make a point of hitting the player but making an effective block. 

The other rule change, overtime scoring, was meant to protect players’ fitness as games wear on into overtime periods. 

The new rules will instate a mandatory breaks after the second and fourth overtime periods. 

Then, in the fifth overtime period, teams will go directly to the two point try. Shaw said, since the two point plays are essentially 50/50 plays, moving directly to them in the fifth overtime will end the game more quickly. 

The NCAA is widely praised for having the best overtime rules, in terms of fairness, excitement and implementation. Considering how few games go to fifth overtime or longer, the new rule will likely have little effect. But, in those cases, it will serve to prevent injuries.

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