The field is thinning out as we publish our Week Five edition of the Southeastern Conference Power Rankings. All six of our staff writers had different top fives this week. Tweet @redandblack and tell us your top five!

No. 1 Georgia

This is the week we find out what kind of team Georgia really is. Georgia is Dudley Do-Right, outsmarting foes left and right. But now the Bulldogs are tied to a conveyor belt, being slowly drug toward an SEC West table saw. Will Georgia keep its No. 1 spot? Will that win finally stop the haters from hating? Find out next week! TD

No. 2 Alabama

It’s a toss up. I had Alabama before Georgia, but that may very well be because the word ‘homegrown’ wedged its way in the back of my mind from last week’s rankings. But the bigger reason is Saban. The man wins championships, and he knows how to take on big games. Alabama’s unidentified offense could overrule this proven excellency, but the Tide’s defense did not allow any points against UL-Monroe. Even against a lesser opponent, it was a shutout, a strong stand, a game still more comfortable than watching South Carolina over Central Florida. Bama, it’s a toss up – until this weekend. JK

No. 3 Mississippi

The Rebels are undefeated. Good for them. But they haven’t played particularly well since about the third quarter of their game against Alabama, a game they should’ve lost because they recovered five turnovers and still only won by seven. Then, Ole Miss was challenged by Vanderbilt, and the Rebels probably would’ve lost that game had they faced an opponent that had its act together. JH

No. 4 LSU 

Let's calm down with the LSU love for a second. I get it. Leonard Fournette is the best offensive player in the conference, maybe the country. But this year he's been the whole offense. He has undoubtedly looked great. But, as I challenged some of the other writers on this panel of voters to do and some of them failed, if you can't name a second player on a team, it doesn't belong this high. NS

No. 5 Texas A&M

As Nick so delicately described above, one man does not make a team – even when it’s Leonard Fournette. Maybe you’ll prove me wrong, Leonard, with another 200-yard game this week. Maybe I’ve just added fuel to the fire, more flames to the 230 lb. specimen of a running back. But, for the record, I had the Aggies before LSU.  Power rankings are just power rankings, of course, one spot on this list doesn’t mean anything, but one different spot on the field against Mississippi State this weekend, and it’s a different game. They're 4-0 and talented. So this week, give us an actual, solid reason to keep you in the top five, or Dak Prescott – and Leonard Fournette – might run all over you in the rankings. JK

No. 6 Mississippi State

Mississippi State is hanging around, just outside our top five. Hail State can really prove itself this week. A win over the Aggies this week is great to have on the good ole' power ranking resume. Lot's of points will be scored. Revelry will be had, then all of the sudden there is another team in the mix for the SEC West. TD

No. 7 Florida

If you’ve followed our power rankings every week, then you know I’m the guy who regularly defends Florida. The Gators responded well to Tennessee, but their defense looked pretty bad for most of the game. I think we’ve got Florida right where it needs to be, but if Will Grier – who came through in the clutch on fourth down situations against the Volunteers – can lead Florida to an upset victory over Ole Miss this week, then we’ll have to move the Gators up. JH

No. 8 Kentucky 

Maybe it’s lower standards for Kentucky, maybe it’s an inherent desire to see the Wildcats do well, or maybe it’s Karl-Anthony Towns disguised in a football uniform. But Kentucky upset Missouri this weekend, and I originally put them above Florida, so I was so thrilled they beat their first ranked opponent in 19 attempts. They beat South Carolina, they beat Missouri and, as far as I’m concerned, this Kentucky team deserves some kind of credit. JK

No. 9 Tennessee 

Tennessee is and will forever be my pet project. The Volunteers are the timeshare of the SEC — everything about it sounds great, but the closer you look into it, the shakier it is and more questions arise. With that said, at face value Tennessee has a lot of talent, and had a chance to win both games they lost. Florida may legitimately be better than a lot of people gave them credit for, and Oklahoma had to mount a furious comeback just to beat the Volunteers. The gap between Tennessee and the teams ahead of it in the rankings is smaller than most would think. EG

No, 10 Arkansas

We might have bumped Arkansas a little bit too high on this list. Yes, they looked pretty good against A&M -- and I am higher on A&M than anyone else on this panel -- but Arkansas has proven they can't win close or big. And to make matters worse, Brandon Allen looks shaken after a few subpar performances. It'll be tough for the Razorbacks to recover at this point. NS

No.  11 Auburn

Auburn struggled in its first game against Louisville but pulled out the win. Louisville is since 1-3 this season. On top of some questionable wins, this team also has offensive struggles. The offense did not score a touchdown for the first time in three years in its loss against Mississippi State. The difference between Auburn and Arkansas is that Auburn has potential to be good, it just needs to work on consistency and calling plays in the red zone. Head coach Gus Malzahn known for his offensive prowess, so there is hope for this team. CH

 No. 12 Missouri 

Missouri is bad, but not the worst. The offense has struggled to score, especially the last two games. It only mustered 975 yards through its first three games, not including Saturday’s loss. But the team still has two more wins than Arkansas which should be No. 12, not No. 10. Missouri should be one notch above Arkansas at No. 11. Despite the team not having much to work with on offense or defense, it has found ways to win, although they were not pretty. CH

No. 13 Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt is like the kid who may not have been popular in high school and then comes back at the reunion with a modest job and a fresh haircut. That is to say, the Commodores are not as terrible as we thought they were. Whatever was on Derek Mason’s magic coaching scroll is somewhat working, as Johnny McCrary has proven athleticism and the Vanderbilt defense was able to slow down Ole Miss's high-powered offense. EG

No. 14 South Carolina

In this week’s rankings South Carolina is No. 14. The Gamecocks have been awful this season and Saturday was no different, but the team managed to win a game it was trailing in early on. Yes, South Carolina has a lot of problems on offense and defense but it also has Pharoh Cooper. Cooper was a key role in helping the team come back and win a game it was losing. But Cooper is the team’s saving grace, not to mention that the Gamecocks have managed to scrape two wins over teams they paid to play against. CH