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After just over a week at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, there have been few shocks or upsets. Every team has played their first match—about half of the nations have played two—and those expected to win have done so. Here are the biggest takeaways.

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While playing for the World Cup in France, the USWNT will be hoping for a legal victory in Los Angeles. 

After a promising 2-1-1 start, the Bulldogs crumbled in conference play and limped to a second-to-last finish in the SEC. Here are a few stats that tell the story of Georgia’s success and failure in 2018.

The Bulldogs dropped their season finale 2-1 on the road against Kentucky, even though the Wildcats finished the match with only 10 players after receiving a red card in the 63rd minute.

Set piece misfortunes continued to plague the Georgia soccer team when it fell to No. 12 South Carolina (10-2-0) on Thursday night. The Bulldogs (4-6-3) worked hard all week on set piece defense but came up short when put to the test by a talented South Carolina team.