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The Red & Black sports desk hosted a University of Georgia athlete uniform tournament on its Twitter page (@redandblacksports) last week. Followers voted on their favorite uniforms over the decades, leading up to the final on Twitter and Instagram. The first-ever rendition of this tournament highlighted 16 different cheerleading uniforms from the 1970s to 2019. 2018’s plain red vest with a centered “G” logo ultimately prevailed -- but not without a tough fight from the other uniforms.

The uniforms, which were captured by Georgia’s sports communications staff and The Red & Black photographers, were organized in a bracket format. Uniforms from the same decade, or within the same few years, were bracketed together for followers to vote on their favorite designs. A poll was also held for the final two uniforms on The Red & Black’s Instagram story.

Styles varied from a 1970s crew neck sweater, to sporty tops from 2005 to halter straps from 2010. The most common style was a vest with different Georgia colors and logos, such as the “G” logo and the mascot Uga.

Of the 16 contenders, the uniforms from 2007 and 2018 made it to the final bracket. Both uniforms were designed similarly, featuring a red vest-style top and a centered “G” logo.

While the 2007 top was highlighted by black and white chevron stripes around the collar and center, the 2018 top featured a black and white stripe around the collar and a larger “G” logo than its 2007 counterpart.

On The Red & Black’s Instagram story poll, the 2018 uniform received 162 votes while the 2007 uniform received 117 votes, giving the win to the 2018 red vest uniform. On the Twitter poll, the 2018 uniform took the gold by 2%, receiving 51% of votes while the 2007 uniform received 49%.

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