Julia Raabe celebrates her win over Alexa Newbold. Around 1,700 people gathered at the Classic Center for the Classic City Showdown boxing event put on by Delta Sigma Phi to raise money for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and the Red Cross Association on Oct. 1, 2021, in Athens, Georgia. (Photo/ Kathryn Skeean, kskeean@randb.com)

On Oct. 1, the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity hosted the Classic City Showdown at the Classic Center in Athens. In an electric atmosphere in front of roughly 1500 fans, there were three USA sanctioned boxing matches followed by three sorority boxing fights, and eight fraternity boxing events.

The fight had 137 live stream viewers as well as those at locations around Athens like Sandbar, Buddha Bar, Centro and 1785. In total, $20,250 was raised for the Red Cross and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and the money will be split evenly between the two charities.

All fights were designed to last three rounds with the fighters wearing boxing gloves, head guards and mouthpieces. There were three judges and a referee who was in the ring as the fighters were competing.

The night began with the three USA sanctioned boxing events with boxers from Vercetti Fight Club, Keppner Boxing and Last Laugh Fight Team. The first two fights ended in unanimous decisions while the third fight ended with a knockout in the first round.

While these fights were going on, the stands were nearly 70-80% full, but the crowd was still engaged in the fights as they cheered.

The event continued with the first of the panhellenic fights. Kacey Cassella of Sigma Kappa fought Ariana Zarse representing Pi Phi. The crowd rose to its feet as the fight began with aggressive punches from both fighters. During the fight, there were chants for Casella and Zarse as they exchanged punches throughout. In the end, Zarse won the fight in a unanimous decision and was given a medal to start the night.

“I was pretty anxious all week for the fight, especially being the opening fight, because it was hard to know what to expect and scary knowing so many people would be watching,” Zarse said. “Once I got in the ring, my coach Dean hyped me up and I zoned in and had so much fun.”

In the second fight of the night, Sigma Nu’s Andrew Cox won in a unanimous decision after the third round. The fight was scrappy, but the impressive first round for Cox led him to victory.

The next event was the second sorority fight of the night with Morgan West of Alphi Phi fighting Lola Robertson of Zeta Tau Alpha. The fight began with wild punches from both fighters and eventually ended with a technical knockout for West about a minute into the third round. Throughout the fight the crowd was chanting for both fighters and cheered loudly.

“The crowd was incredible; and being able to hear my sorority sisters cheer me on was awesome,” Robertson said.

The event continued with the first of the host fraternity boxers stepping into the ring. Blake Kenney of Delta Sigma Phi defeated Eathan Haas of Phi Gamma Delta in a close fight by a unanimous decision after the third round. The crowd was heavily favoring Kenney, but Haas stayed tough and made the fight close in the third round.

Then, Evan McAfee of Beta Upsilon Chi defeated Jared Hopkins of Alpha Epsilon Pi in a unanimous decision after a close fight after three rounds. There were big punches throughout but McAfee had the endurance and pushed ahead in the third round.

The next fight was the heavyweight fight of the night. Jer’miah Fantroy of Alpha Epsilon Pi defeated Gabriel Shaber Phi Kappa Tau in a technical knockout about 15 seconds into the third round.

The night continued with Scrappy Spotts representing Phi Kappa Theta defeating Logan Renko of Kappa Sigma with a six-punch combination technical knockout in the third round. Throughout the fight, Spotts dodged a lot of punches and also threw powerful punches of his own.

“Training for boxing was pretty rigorous, but I wrestled for most of my life so super intense, cardio-heavy training is nothing foreign to me,” Spotts said. “I have spent the last two months studying the fighters like Mike Tyson and Joe Frazier, who were undersized for their weight division but became notorious for their defensive boxing.”

Next, was the fight between Sean Ferrell of Beta Theta Pi and Judson Kenney of Alpha Tau Omega where Kenney won in a unanimous decision after the third round. The fight was close throughout, but the quick start from Kenney made it difficult for Ferrell to come back.

The last non-main event of the night was between Ryan Getz of Pi Kappa Phi and Carson Lubin of Delta Sigma Phi. The fight was close but it eventually ended in the third round in favor of Lubin due to injury of Getz in the third round.

Then were the main event fights which were determined by which fraternities and sororities raised the most money for the charity through donations and ticket sales.

The first main event fight was between Julia Raabe representing Tri Delta and Alexa Newbold of Delta Gamma. Raabe started off strong and never let up as she won by unanimous decision after the third round. She was given a belt for her victory.

“I was extremely nervous and I just tried to use my nerves as more energy and adrenaline and when I stepped into the ring my nerves just left and I just had to be as confident in myself as I can,” Raabe said.

The final fight of the night and the other main event fight was between Ian Darling representing Pi Kappa Alpha and Elijah “Tigger” Frix representing Alpha Gamma Rho. In the end, Darling won in a unanimous decision after the third round and was given a belt for his victory.

CORRECTION: In a previous version of this article, Blake Kenney and Jud Kenney’s names were misspelled, Ryan Getz’s fraternity was misstated and the results of the fight between Carson Lubin and Ryan Getz were misstated. The Red & Black regrets these errors and they have since been corrected.