Members of the recreational sports staff paddle in Lake Herrick during the dedication ceremony on Oct. 17, 2018 at the University of Georgia intramural fields complex in Athens, Georgia. Recreational sports staffers were asked to do a demonstration during the ceremony to commemorate the occasion. (Photo/Julian Alexander)

While plans to bring students back to campus in the fall begin to take shape, UGA intramural sports have a shaky outline at best.

The university’s Department of Recreational Sports has worked to establish a clear-cut plan as to what sports will be available, but the logistics are dependent on decisions yet to be made higher up.

“We are currently creating multiple plans regarding intramural sports for the fall semester,” assistant director for competitive sports Michael Husted said. “Our plans include typical programming options, alterations of sport activities and adjusted league or tournament offerings depending on state and federal guidelines.”

When COVID-19 led to campus closures this past spring semester, all intramural and competitive sports were canceled shortly after. To maintain some sort of competitive calendar, the department moved ahead with its planned introduction of esports as an intramural option.

Now, given the possibility that traditional sports may be off the table this fall, esports leagues and tournaments are the only competitions guaranteed to return.

“We may be allowed to offer certain sports that include smaller groups rather than some of our large team sport options,” Husted said.

The one thing the department can assure is that they’ll do their best to provide students with the means to come together and meet new people, even if that means virtually.

“Our goal as a department is to offer our students an outlet to connect with their peers either in person or virtually to help reduce stress and take their mind off of their studies, even if only for an hour,” Husted said.

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