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Community Spotlight

Have a hometown hero you think readers need to know about? Submit a nomination for a person or organization you'd like to see covered in a future Spotlight feature.

Behind the Project

Team Spotlight

Liset Cruz

A junior journalism and sociology major minoring in Latinx studies and human services. She pitched this idea as a way to get to know the community and tell stories about the good that comes within.


Jeremy Person

A senior journalism major hoping to bring awareness to inspirational members of the Athens community who persevere through adversity and leave a lasting impact on the lives of others.

About the Spotlight Project

Celebrating community

This year was hard. The Red & Black spent the last year covering the good, the bad and everything in between, and the community showed up in ways we haven’t seen before.

The Red & Black wants to celebrate the communities we work everyday to cover and the people who make this place Athens. Beginning in March 2021, The Red & Black is launching Community Spotlight to do just that.

We aim to include diverse voices and engage our readers and potential readers by highlighting an Athenian who affects change, promotes community and demonstrates selflessness. The initiative is a product of our Diversity & Inclusion Committee, founded amid the turbulence of last summer.

What do we mean by diversity? We want to cover anyone and everyone living in and around Athens. We’re not looking to cover a specific demographic. We want to represent and cover the community as it is.

What’s our goal with this initiative? We want to strengthen the community by magnifying the efforts and endeavors of its most inspirational members. We hope to build unity in a time of distrust, raising awareness of the people and resources available to help in more ways than one.

Who qualifies for a nomination? It’s open to anyone who lives in the Athens and UGA communities. We’re looking to feature someone who has made an exceptional difference in Athens; someone who doesn’t get enough recognition for their work.

The interpretation is intentionally broad — think about someone positively impacting the community — the local MVP, if you will. Think about someone who goes above and beyond to help others where needed, who is inspirational and commits themselves to long-term action.

How can you nominate someone? Use the link on this page to nominate a community member, and please reach out to staff members with any questions about the process.