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With internships and study abroad programs canceled, University of Georgia students turned to online classes this summer.

There are a lot of unknowns about fall semester at the University of Georgia. But one thing is certain: final exams will be online. UGA announced plans for the semester to wrap up online after the Thanksgiving break.

Here's some advice for preparing to take an online final.

1. Read the guidelines and time frame in advance

While in-person exams have a set place and time, your professor might open an online exam for longer than the three hours usually allotted for in-person testing. Knowing how long you have to take an exam can help you determine when you will take the test and will give you a good idea of how much time you need to set aside for any day-of preparations.

2. Seek out a quiet test-taking spot in your home or apartment

Something positive about taking an exam from home is the fact that you can more easily control your environment. If you have family members or roommates who might distract you during your exam, find the best place in your home to take an exam where they’ll be less likely to disturb you. Turn your phone on silent — as you would in a normal exam — and let your housemates know that you’ll be taking a test.

3. Gather everything you need to take the test and keep it in reach

Although you should study ahead of time, your professor might make the online exam open-note. If so, make sure your notes are accessible so you can reference them during your exam. Any tools, such as scratch pads or reference books should be close at hand.

4. Double-check your connections and charges

Make sure your computer is fully charged, connected to a stable WiFi connection and protected against any crashes before your exam — especially if the exams are timed.