UGA 101 Jargon Decoder

Illustration by Zakk Greene

Every community has its own language. This guide will help you speak like a UGA veteran.

Ag Hill (n.)

The stretch of road cutting through campus on which most science buildings — such as physics, chemistry and biology — are located.

I’ve got both Chem and Bio on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so those days I live on Ag Hill.

THE BLC (n.)

The Business Learning Community, recently completed Terry College of Business buildings.

Now that construction on the BLC is complete, navigating the Bolton crosswalk is easier.

Canning (v.)

To raise funds for charity downtown by holding out a can or bucket asking for donations.

We spent a night canning at Boar’s and raised $80.

East Side (n., adj.)

The eastern part of Athens. Students are generally referring to the areas on College Station, Barnett Shoals and Lexington roads, home to many student housing complexes, a Walmart and the Veterinary Medical Center.

I’m moving to the East Side this fall.

We can swing by the East Side Kroger after practice.

ECV (n.)

Abbreviation for East Campus Village. Used to refer to both dorms and Joe Frank Harris Dining Commons.

She got lucky and was assigned to a suite in ECV.

Where to you want to eat: Bolton or ECV?

DT (n.)

Abbreviation for downtown, usually in reference to the bar scene.

Are you guys going DT tonight?

Greek Circle (n.)

Line of fraternity houses on River and East Campus roads.

Their house is on Greek Circle.

Milledge (n., adj.)

Short for Milledge Avenue, a wide street in the center of Athens flanked by fraternity and sorority houses, businesses and historic homes. This is sometimes used as an adjective to describe Greek life.

They live off Milledge, close to Taco Stand.

I burned out on the Milledge scene by the end of sophomore year.

MLC (n.)

Short for the Zell B. Miller Learning Center, the colossal facility across from the Tate Student Center on Lumpkin.

At finals, the MLC is packed, but is anyone actually studying?

O-House (n.)

Nickname used for both the Oglethorpe House residence hall and the Oglethorpe Dining Commons. Usage of O-House is constant; nobody says “Oglethorpe.”

We’re going back to O-House to sleep.

The PAF (n.)

The Peyton Anderson Forum in the journalism building. This is a meeting area with glass garage doors that open to the Grady lawn. When it’s not used for meetings, it is a prime study area.

I planned to meet my group at The PAF but there’s a seminar or something, so we’re heading to the MLC.

SLC (n.)

Short for the Science Learning Center, the study area and classroom space on South Campus. Note: Back in the day, SLC used to stand for Student Learning Center, the former name of what is now called the MLC. Professors may use that term out of habit and cause confusion.

Let’s all meet at the SLC at 5 p.m.

Snellebrate (v.)

To eat at Snelling Dining Commons past midnight, usually as a celebration.

After we finish studying for this mid-term, we’ll Snellebrate.

Tabling (v.)

To set up a display, sale or, yes, a table, in the Tate Plaza area for a nonprofit, club, event or cause, usually during noon class-change period.

All members of the advertising committee must sign up for a tabling shift during next Thursday’s class break.

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