Emily Bowman, a 19-year-old Kennesaw State University student opened her eyes around 9:30 p.m. Thursday evening, according to the Bows for Bowman Facebook page. Bows for Bowman.

Emily Bowman, a 19-year-old Kennesaw State University student opened her eyes for the first time since her accident, around 9:30 p.m. Thursday evening, according to the Bows for Bowman Facebook page.

After being victim in a hit and run Feb. 16, Bowman has been comatose at Athens Regional Medical Center. 

On the Bows for Bowman Facebook page, friends and family have been updating Bowman's condition and fundraisers which are underway for Bowman's recovery fund.

The most recent post on the page, from Thursday at 11:45 p.m., said that Bowman's stitches and staples have been removed, an ultrasound for blood clots in her leg came back negative and Bowman's doctor is "very pleased" with her progress.

Bowman's family was also elated to see her eyes open.

"She opened her eyes on her own and blinked a few times like she was trying to see us," the post said. "It lasted about 30 seconds to a minute and really excited her dad and I."

The Red & Black was able to speak with Bowman's neurosurgeon, Dr. Kimberly Walpert, on her condition. Walpert said Bowman opening her eyes was progress.

"Every sign that shows that she is a little more reactive to her environment is important and it is a step forward," Walper said.

Bows for Bowman has given solace to those looking for updates to Bowman's condition, said Max Gomez, a high school friend and past prom date of Bowman.

"I have been posting all my prayers for Emily and her family showing that I am there 100 percent for them," Gomez said. "[The page has] helped me a lot letting me know on her status every day and so far it's been all good news."

The next step in Bowman's recovery is to take her off of the ventilator and use a trach collar with oxygen.

A post from Bowman's uncle, posted Thursday at 8:57 a.m., gave news of what he called "the down side" of Bowman's condition.

"Emily's brain is still having a really difficult time maintaining a stable body temp and blood pressure...It's disturbing to rub her hands and feet when they get really cold," he said. 

His post also said Bowman's nurse called her response to a pain test "generally a good sign."

"She is continuing to get better," Walpert said. "Not a lot has changed since I spoke with press last week. She is getting slowly, steadily better."

Bowman's improvements have shown her inner strength.

"I think it's great she's showing her true strength and proving that she can make it through this situation," Gomez said.

Walpert said it is too early to tell how long Bowman will be in the medically-induced coma or if she will be able to make a full recovery, but there are no surgeries on the "near horizon."

Gomez said he would like to tell Bowman about the positive impact she's had on his life.

"It's showed me that even though situations happen like this all the time it doesn't really affect you until it's someone you really know," Gomez said. "If I could tell her one thing is that she is a great girl and she can put a smile on anyone's face and that I am praying for her every step of the way."

While an arrest for the driver from the hit and run, Gomez said he would "love to see this man get brought to justice as soon as possible."

Bows for Bowman asked for continuous support from Bowman and her family.

"Thanks everyone for all your prayers, they are working!", the most recent post, which garnered 1,492 likes in 19 hours, said.

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