The Greek Life office sits in the bottom floor of UGA's Tate Student Center in Athens, Georgia, on Monday, Aug. 24, 2020. (Photo/Taylor Gerlach; @taylormckenzie_photo)

Fourteen University of Georgia Interfraternity Council organizations have been fined a cumulative total of $28,500 after violating IFC social distancing policies. Three IFC chapters have lost block seating privileges for the 2021 regular football season, IFC president Brennan Cox said in an email Thursday.

The money is going toward the IFC Scholarship Fund, a need-based scholarship administered by the UGA Foundation. 

The IFC first introduced a fine system in early June, when it passed a bill that would fine organizations $5,000 for violating social distancing guidelines, which would increase to $7,500 and then to $10,000 for subsequent violations. An Aug. 12 bill stated organizations would be fined $1,500 for violating guidelines during fall events, with $500 increases for subsequent violations. 

IFC passed an additional bill on Aug. 27 prohibiting IFC fraternity houses from having visitors other than “a pledge or active roster member, or the parent/guardian thereof” from 7 p.m. -7 a.m. Another bill passed Sep. 24 states that IFC organizations must enforce that no tailgating occurs on their respective property. Chapters found in violation of this policy are subject to a $1,500 fine and a loss of block seating privileges for one regular football season.

“There has been no change to relevant policies as the Council remains committed to protecting the University and Athens communities,” Cox said in the email.