Transportation and Parking Services has made slight changes to UGA bus routes.

This semester brings more tweaks to the UGA bus routes. Here’s a summary of “route optimization” changes that Transportation and Parking Services has made.

East Campus Express will no longer go to the Intramural Fields, instead servicing the UGA Park and Ride lot. TPS believes the 150 new spots at the lot are likely to increase bus service demand. Previously, the lot was serviced by two buses on the Vet Med Route — East Campus Express’s four buses will increase service. TPS also cites East Campus Express as providing a direct route from Park and Ride to North Campus, which previously required changing buses.

East West will now serve the Intramural Fields instead. The Intramural Fields stop is also being moved from “a hazardous area in the middle of the parking lot” to a spot on the curb between the maintenance building and batting cages. The elimination of the old stop will allow more parking spots to be added to the lot.

The Riverbend/South Milledge route has been changed to travel from the greenhouses on South Milledge to the Park and Ride lot. The route will now be serviced by vans instead of buses. According to TPS, ridership is about 19 people a day, so the vans will provide cost savings.

The University Village route will no longer serve the Studio 51 stop on East Campus Road or the Carousel bus stop on Milledge Extension, and the bus stop at University Village's building R will be moved to building Q. TPS described Studio 51 and Carousel stops as “redundant” and impeding traffic flow.

The Health Center stop on East Campus Road will no longer be served by buses due to safety issues. According to TPS, riders were “crossing 5 busy lanes of traffic from the University Village area, without using a crosswalk, to get to and from this bus stop,” in a 40 mph speed limit zone. TPS asks riders from University Village to instead catch North South at nearby stops at Buildings F or G.

A new on-demand stop has been added to the Vet Med route across the street from the Poultry Diagnostic & Research Center.

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