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The University of Georgia Administration Building on North Campus. (Photo/Jason Born)

International students arriving at the University of Georgia must self-isolate themselves for 14 days after traveling, according to a Tuesday ArchNews email.

The 14-day period, which is the amount of time recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, may overlap with the beginning of classes on Aug. 20. The first day of move-in is Aug. 14 for university housing. Students should reach out to UGA’s Student Care and Outreach to coordinate accommodations for their classes, and those who are living on-campus should contact University Housing, the email said.

Anybody who tests positive for COVID-19 during the school year will need to self-isolate. The email said students who test positive should leave campus immediately and return to their primary residence whenever possible. University Housing will provide a space for students living on-campus who can’t return to their home.

If students living off-campus can’t isolate at their primary residence or where they currently live, Student Care and Outreach will work with them “to identify other options that may be available at that time,” the email said.

UGA will conduct surveillance testing of asymptomatic students, faculty and staff this fall. A July 22 ArchNews message said 300 volunteers will be tested per day.

The university will seek students from residence halls, off-campus housing and Greek life housing to be tested. Surveillance testing does not replace testing and medical care for people with COVID-19 symptoms, the Tuesday email said.

The email also included guidelines for student organizations and details on the new bus routes.

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