An Athens Clarke County police car sits parked outside the police department on College Avenue in downtown Athens, Georgia on Friday, February 1, 2019. (Photo/Caroline Barnes, http://carolinembarnes.wixsite.com/photography)

Domino’s employees steal $20,000 in cash

Four former employees at a local Domino’s Pizza allegedly stole over $20,000 in cash since April 2018, according to an Athens-Clarke County Police report.

The franchise owner told police he was notified of “suspicious financial activity” by Domino’s corporate security. More suspects will likely be identified in the future, and more money will likely be found to have been taken over a longer time period, the owner told police.

The suspects allegedly pocketed cash rather than depositing it in the register, according to the report. They would delete the orders from the computer. The franchise owner told police the suspects “worked together” to steal the money.

The reporting officer noted the owner “presented extensive evidence” and the case “will require further investigation.”

10 cases of beer stolen from Walmart on Athens Highway

Two men stole 10 cases of Bud Light from a local Walmart on July 9 around 3:30 p.m., according to an ACCPD report.

The suspects have allegedly shoplifted from the same Walmart multiple times. According to the report, the Walmart loss prevention employee has been in contact with ACCPD detectives about the shoplifting incidents. The suspects have not been identified.

Man throws hot water on children

A man allegedly threw hot water at three children outside a residence at Parkview Homes on July 17, according to an ACCPD report. A “large group” of people had gathered outside the apartment to get the suspect to come out when police arrived on the scene.

The suspect told police three children were knocking on the suspect’s neighbors door, “being loud” and knocking the suspect’s plants over, so he took a pot of hot water and threw it at the children.

Police arrested the suspect on three counts of simple battery. The suspect said “he would prefer that only young girls come into his apartment and no boys” because his daughter had been assaulted or “touched inappropriately ... by one of the boys.”

The suspect was transported to Athens-Clarke County Jail, according to the report. 

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