Fraternity suspended

The Pi Kappa Phi fraternity at the University of Georgia is under a one-year suspension after admitting to “sustained hazing of university students.”

According to an informal resolution agreement with the UGA Office of Student Conduct acquired through an Open Records request, the suspension, which went into effect Sept. 7, results from violations to four University Conduct Regulations. The fraternity admitted to “forcing and/or requiring the consumption of tobacco products, holding line-ups, requiring participation in physical activities including push-ups and throwing food and condiments at students.”

The resolution mentions an “electronic message” dated Aug. 24 that three individuals “sent to associate members of the chapter ... as well as all individuals present and participating in hazing activities.” The three individuals are prohibited from engaging in operations or activities of the chapter and are ineligible to regain their status as undergraduate members of the chapter, according to the resolution.

Hunter Kelly, the president of the fraternity, signed the resolution, in which the fraternity takes “full responsibility” for the incident, and forgoes the right to a formal disciplinary hearing or appeal.

All fraternity activities are suspended and the “chapter is officially closed,” according to the terms of the suspension.

The “National Fraternity” is expected to conduct a review within 30 days of the suspension, according to the agreement, after which members with associate member status as of Aug. 24 will have the opportunity to be initiated.

The fraternity will be eligible to re-register with the UGA Greek Life Office on Sept. 1, 2017, after which it will be on probation through Dec. 15, 2019.

The Lambda chapter of Pi Kappa Phi previously faced suspension in 2010 after the chapter president admitted to violating UGA regulations regarding physical abuse, after allegations that some members paddled pledges during fall initiation.

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