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The Terry College of Business. (Photo/Jason Born)

You won’t find this deal on the Chick-fil-A rewards app.

Chick-fil-A has pledged $10 million to bolster the University of Georgia’s Institute for Leadership Advancement, which aims to teach leadership skills to students, according to a Monday UGA Today news release.

ILA is part of UGA’s Terry College of Business. Chick-fil-A’s pledge is the largest commitment dedicated to academic support in the history of the college, and the largest gift ILA has ever received, according to the release.

The gift will be used to expand the ILA’s Leadership Fellows program, which currently accepts new members only once a year. The donation will allow ILA to accept new members each fall and spring semester. The contribution will also be used to expand leadership class offerings to all UGA students beginning next year. 

ILA will also be able to hold a new annual professional development symposium that offers leadership training to the business community outside of UGA, according to the release.

“What we see in the Institute for Leadership Advancement is the chance to make a powerful impact with a one-of-a-kind program,” said Andrew Cathy, Chick-fil-A’s executive vice president of operations, in the release. “We know firsthand that ILA produces graduates who are committed to excellence in leadership and in service.”

Terry College Dean Ben Ayers called the gift “transformational” for the ILA. He said the $10 million will solidify UGA as a university that creates exceptional young leaders and elevate ILA as a model for teaching leadership.

The ILA was created in 2001, and has graduated nearly 1,500 students, according to the release. It runs two programs — the Leonard Leadership Scholars and ILA Leadership Fellows, which allow students to earn an academic certificate in personal and organizational leadership. The two programs currently have annual cohorts of around 30 and 65 students, respectively.