Terry College of Business students will be able to attend class in the Business Learning Community starting fall 2019, Greg Trevor said. This construction endeavor cost a total of $140 million, funded by both the state of Georgia and a number of private donors, and covers about 300,000 square feet.

“We’ve had construction of the Business Learning Community going on for six years,” said Trevor, the executive director for media communications at the University of Georgia.

The construction of the Business Learning Community was done in three phases resulting in a total of six buildings. Phase 1, from 2013-2015, introduced Correll Hall. Phase 2, from 2015-2017, introduced Moore-Rooker Hall, Amos Hall and Benson Hall. Phase 3, from 2017-2019, will introduce Ivester Hall and Sanford and Barbara Orkin Hall, named after donors Doug Ivester and Sanford and Barbara Orkin.

The finished Business Learning Community will house many accommodations for both faculty and students. In total, there will be 32 classrooms, two seminar rooms, a trading room and labs for sales and music business. There were also be spaces for both undergraduate and graduate students, a career services center and a café. Faculty and staff will have a total of 384 offices and 12 conference rooms for use.

“We’re not teaching classes in the buildings yet, but there are Terry College staff who have moved in as of this spring,” Trevor said.

Sanford and Barbara Orkin Hall will house a multifunctional behavioral lab, featuring computer terminals, six project team rooms and eight interview rooms. These interview rooms will be used for both on-campus recruiting and sales competitions.

Phase 3 had a construction budget of $42 million and will cover an area of 75,000 square feet.

Last additions for Phase 3 construction are still underway, including “landscaping, final touches and installing instructional technology in the classrooms,” Trevor said.

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