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These are the 40 countries with fewer cumulative cases of COVID-19 than the UGA community.

With all of the COVID-19 data to keep track of, it can be difficult to contextualize and easy to become desensitized. Between the University of Georgia, Athens, the state of Georgia, the United States and worldwide cases of COVID-19 — that’s five rapidly increasing numbers to monitor.

When UGA released the COVID-19 data for the week of Aug. 24-30, the reaction was instantaneous. From national attention and The Red & Black’s most-viewed Instagram post to President Jere Morehead’s widely-ridiculed message to UGA students, what do the cumulative 1,531 COVID-19 cases in the UGA community really mean?

One way to put it — which countries could we visit (virtually, given the travel bans) that would have fewer coronavirus cases than the community we call UGA? Here are 40 countries the UGA community surpasses in COVID-19 cases. 

Click the top left corner for the full list and the top right corner for full screen.

Honorable mentions

Greece, which is home to the other Athens, has 10,998 cases. Clarke County, which is home to Athens, Georgia, has 3,322 cases.

Georgia (the country) is rivaling Georgia (the university) by only 37 cases with 1,568. Georgia (the state) has all the other Georgia’s beat with 277,288 cases.

The U.S. has the most COVID-19 cases with 6.1 million. Brazil is second with 4 million. Yeah, I’m not really sure how to contextualize those numbers either.

The data is from Johns Hopkins University, the Georgia Department of Public Health and the University Health Center. All data are listed as of press time.

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