Alphabet Soup: DTD

Gabe Daly and Roderick Gill stand with the Delta Tau Delta President, Kevin Ignacio (right), outside their house on Prince Avenue in Athens, Georgia on September 11, 2013. Daly (left) is the Treasurer while Gill (middle) is the Recruitment Chair for the fraternity. (Photo/ Joshua Gilley)

Delta Tau Delta fraternity tries to live by the lessons taught during pledgeship.

Kevin Ignacio, a senior finance and sports management major from Clintonville, Wis. and the president of the Beta Delta chapter, said ∆T∆ teaches its pledges important lessons before they are initiated.

“We try to teach them and guide them on the path so that when they get initiated they have already been learning about our ritual and what they’re supposed to gain from that," he said.

He said the fraternity’s rituals are a part of teaching pledges what being a Delt is all about.

“It sets them up for understanding, how now that they are initiated, it’s when the real work starts,” he said.

Gabe Daly, a junior economics major from Charlotte, N.C. and the treasurer for ∆T∆, said he agrees.

“We have a lot of different ritualistic things that we do throughout their pledgeship that sort of give them a taste of what will actually happen when they get initiated and that prepares them,” he said.

The fraternity, which came to the University of Georgia in 1882, was founded at Bethany College in West Virginia in 1858 on the four fundamental principals of truth, courage, faith and power.

Ignacio said a goal of the fraternity is trying to grow its philanthropy. He said last year was the first annual Sound of Milledge fundraiser.

“It’s basically a singing competition,” he said. “We held it at the Manor and it was very successful. I think we raised $5,000 so we’re planning that in the spring.”

He said he likes Junior Diabetes Relief Fund because the brothers are able to meet the kids they are supporting.

“It was really cool that we are actually working towards something and seeing what our efforts are going to help,” he said. “And our philanthropy chair actually has Type 1 diabetes so he is all about raising money and he is giving the full effort, not that he wouldn’t anyway.”

Daly said another aspect of the UGA chapter that makes it special is the high numbers of out of state students that are a part of the organization.

“A big thing about Delt is we have a very large portion of our brotherhood is out of state. I have no idea how it got like that, but it is that way,” he said.

Ignacio said the different backgrounds of the brothers are a special part of the fraternity to him as well.

“It’s all across the board. It’s not just the same type of interactions,” he said. “Every day is a little bit different, which I really like. It doesn’t get boring.”

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