Just because everyone is aware of it doesn’t mean everyone talks about it.

One sorority member at the University of Georgia believes it’s time to speak out against the hazing and prejudices in Greek life, and she’s not surprised to be the only one willing to talk about it.

“I think a lot of people are aware of the stereotypes, per say,” she said, “but once they’re in it you realize it’s not a stereotype — it’s true.”

Hazy situation

The Zeta Iota chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., made headlines after an instance of hazing was brought to police attention in February.

An investigation led to the suspension of the National Pan-Hellenic Council fraternity until 2017 and led to criminal charges against nearly a dozen members.

Hazing was a topic on campus after the news broke, the sorority member said, but not in a large enough scope.

“Seeing seven or however many guys’ lives ruined by what happened with hazing, I just thought it was pretty unfair that with IFC [Interfraternity Council], they get away with this all the time, and they’re going to go off and have great jobs,” she said. “Whereas you have these other guys in non-IFC who, they punched somebody and their lives are ruined. I just don’t appreciate how it’s always pushed under the rug by our Greek Life advisers.”

While Kappa Alpha Psi’s hazing is the most recent incident garnering media attention, other groups have faced suspension or punishment in past years.

In 2010, both Kappa Sigma and Pi Kappa Phi were suspended from campus due to hazing allegations. The national office for Kappa Sigma shut down the UGA chapter that December, and it has not returned to campus. Pi Kappa Phi faced sanctions after a pledge’s father sent an anonymous letter to the Greek Life Office regarding the paddling of his son.

Kappa Alpha Psi’s situation, however, was not settled out of court, and members will face a criminal trial.

“A lot of [hazing incidents] don’t reach the criminal level,” said UGA Police Chief Jimmy Williamson in a previous Red & Black article. “We’ve only gotten involved in a handful over the years. I can only think of two or three in my 20 years here.”

Including, but not limited to

The UGA Greek life hazing policy encompasses yelling at members in line-ups, forcing or requiring alcohol consumption, scavenger hunts, interrupting sleep, running errands for other members or limiting study time. Upon joining a sorority or fraternity, students sign a membership card stating they understand UGA’s code of conduct as well as the hazing policy.

Williamson said police interviews determined Kappa Alpha Psi pledges were “struck with either a closed first or an open hand” during initiation, according to a Red and Black article.

These acts of hazing occur in most fraternities, the sorority member said, but IFC members are more pressured to keep quiet.

She has seen a pledge forced to drink “two swim caps full of alcohol” after he was already swaying from drinking too much. Another pledge was forced to play “speedbump” by laying his body on the ground as other fraternity members stomped over him.

Physically abusive hazing occurs mainly at times that only fraternity members are present, she said, but alcohol-related tasks happen at parties when others are there to witness them.

“I’ve seen a guy forced to stand on a balcony with two beer bottles and crack them together,” she said. “He split his arm open and had to go to the hospital.”

Despite the harmful nature of hazing, she said most people won’t speak out for fear of social repercussions. People would rather be part of a popular organization than be “nothing at all,” she said.

Tradition also factors into keeping quiet. Members see hazing as a “brotherhood” event, pressuring each other to keep the topic within the fraternity and seeing it as a rite of passage.

“I’ve definitely confronted people, like ‘Why are you doing this? You went through this. You know it sucks,’” she said. “But they always think, ‘I went through this. They should go through this as well.’”

Claudia Shamp, director of Greek life, said the Greek Life Office has no illusions about hazing at UGA. Despite precautions against it, including a 24-hour hazing hotline and educational meetings, she said it would be difficult to stop any unwelcome activity from occurring.

“We’re not on-site,” Shamp said. “We’re certainly, with all the education, not going to put our head in the sand and believe there is nothing that would happen that would be inappropriate or antithetical to the ideals of an organization.”

Investigating reports

Anyone can report hazing, including roommates, neighbors or classmates, through the Greek Life Office or its hazing hotline.

If hazing is reported, Shamp said the Greek Life Office will investigate the situation. The depth of the investigation, however, depends on what information is provided. Shamp said at times, people call and say “Fraternities are hazing,” and then hang up. There’s not much to be done at those times.

Investigations sometimes involve the police, as occurred with Kappa Alpha Psi, but other situations are dealt with internally.

“If there’s something reported that’s not a violation of our conduct code, but it is a concern, we would work with the fraternity or sorority chapter advisers and talk with their national organization to address whatever the situation might be,” Shamp said.

These internal situations are when things get pushed aside, the sorority member said. IFC fraternities see a sort of protection from affluent members, she said, and any hazing is not investigated to the full extent.

“I’m pretty sure people have brought up hazing, and it’s just swept under the rug,” she said. “You never hear about it. But the moment a non-IFC fraternity does it, it’s a big deal.”

Only if more people came forward would a true investigation take place, she said. Right now, anyone aware of hazing isn’t willing to talk.

“I definitely think more people than me would need to come forward [for a change] because I think it’s a pretty hushed thing, and a lot of people wouldn’t come forward for it,” she said. “It would be kind of invalidating to have one person against 2,000 or so Greek life members.”

It goes deeper than hazing

Hazing hasn’t been the only issue bringing media attention to Greek life. Last week, a Snapchat from a University of Alabama sorority member caught national attention.

The girl, who has since been kicked out of the sorority, was pictured smiling with two other members above a caption that read “Chi O got no n******.” Following a year where multiple black girls were initially denied acceptance into UA sororities, Greek life on campus has faced scrutiny.

Shamp said Greek life did not feel the need to comment on this event because it occurred on another campus. The issue of social media use and guidelines had also been discussed.

“We certainly got the link and certainly talked about it,” she said. “We’ve been dealing with social media issues throughout the recruitment process in general, so I felt like we had covered that already.”

Greek life members on campus, she said, would be better to talk about the occurrence. The issue, however, didn’t come up in conversation, the sorority member said.

Despite circumstances of racism, including some sororities and fraternities not accepting black members, most people don’t bring up the topic of racism. Even with the Crimson White’s article last year, most talk was hushed by a request from the Greek Life Office.

“Please make your members aware to NOT talk to any news reporters regarding the recent article published by the Alabama student newspaper,” said an email from Elizabeth Pittard, adviser to the Panhellenic Council.

Not talking about the problem helps no one, the sorority member said, and is just another issue Greek life seems to willingly ignore.

She has seen some sororities will not accept black members, per alumni preference, and some fraternities refuse to fraternize with black members of sororities or other fraternities as a multicultural member of her sorority.

“I had to get permission to go to a KA [Kappa Alpha] social,” she said. “My big had to ask one of the brothers, and he said it would be OK … yeah, that was a lie.”

After an issue at the door of a Kappa Alpha party, she was allowed to enter, but awkward interactions and rudeness from fraternity members led her to leave early.

The Kappa Alpha Order at UGA is the oldest continually existing KA chapter in the country, established at UGA in 1868. It holds an “Old South Parade” every year, where members and guests dress as Confederate soldiers and don other outfits from the era.

Kappa Alpha Order president David Gibbs said his fraternity does not limit social engagements with sororities with black or non-white members.

“That’s completely false,” he said. “That’s just someone trying to stir up trouble.”

She has also seen issues between Sigma Alpha Epsilon, the first fraternity established at UGA, and non-white members. Another SAE chapter visited UGA’s chapter, and members would not open the door for its black president.

“When he knocked on the door, they wouldn’t even open the door and let him in the house,” she said.

Other fraternities and sororities are less up-front with prejudices, she said, mainly through racially insensitive comments.

She has faced comments such as “That was so nice of them to let you in. How are they treating you?” and “How did [she] get into [that sorority]? Is it because she’s rich or something? I don’t understand.” Even though she finds these comments offensive, she’ll just walk away from them.

Other times, a misunderstanding of “diversity” is the issue. Some sororities tout a few non-white members as representation of a well-rounded group, she said, even though that’s not completely sound reasoning.

“I never know what to say to them,” she said.

Historical habits, necessary change

As a Panhellenic sorority member, she said she believes it is possible for anyone to join an IFC fraternity or Panhellenic sorority, regardless of race. One issue she has seen, however, is having to offer more justification for her membership — something which NPHC or Multicultural Greek Life members do not have to face.

“It makes sense to have [Greek life] separate as well so you don’t have to explain to people what you’re doing and why you’re doing what you’re doing,” she said.

She chose to participate in Panhellenic recruitment because of networking benefits the sororities can provide. Although she enjoys her sorority, she said Southern culture and historical habits in IFC and Panhellenic could prevent non-white members from feeling “completely comfortable.”

In the end, she said it will take a revamp of adviser and alumni opinions for real change to occur. With their say in regulations for recruitment as well as national bylaws, advisers and alumni can restrict a sorority or fraternity’s actions.

“Some people in sororities and fraternities have said, ‘Oh, we would love to have these people, but we can’t do anything because of our advisers,’” she said.

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5 Notions for Clean Bachelor Parties

5 Notions for Clean Bachelor Parties

Published on Wednesday, 07 November 2012 15:27
Hits: 109
And that means you are getting married or you are the best man of the shortly-to-be groom and what does a wedding mean...that's right the time honored tradition of the bachelor party. In years gone by, the bachelor party usually meant tons of drinking not to mention strippers. Simply because your bachelor party doesn't include hangovers, strippers and portions of the night that can only be recalled through blurry cell phone pictures doesn't mean it must be tame.
Often the best man wait until the i love love minute and takes the road of least resistance, well who really wants that path to haunt them for decades in the future?

What if there was a clean form of the bachelor party wherever your buddies were thanking you the next day rather than inquiring where is the Advil? Imagine in the event you could not only discuss the bachelor party with your soon-to-be wife, but could share the pictures from your bash.
Here are five ideas to get a bachelor adventure that may take care of all the above.

Whitewater Rafting and Camping
If the shortly-to-be bridegroom is a devotee of the love scale why not an adventure with all the lads beneath the open sky. Obviously you can package just as much beer as needed but don't forget the essentials or let your adventure planner take good care of that for you. On Purpose Ventures organizes weekday and weekend trips through the united states and may make sure everything is thought of so you just have to take pleasure in the weekend. While on your great outdoor experience, spend the day together with your buddies hitting the rapids. All experience degrees may be accommodated along with the delight is something that you'll love in italian about long after the excursion.

Paintball Wars
What greater method to alleviate a bit pre-wedding stress than shooting your buddies in the back.....with paintballs of course. Private celebrations are easily arranged with your experience planner and equipment, beverages, food, photographs, and video can all be contained in your adventure.

Weekend Fishing excursion to the Lake
How about just a relaxing weekend with lads in a cottage on the lake? Food, accommodation, fishing guide, photos and video call all be provided by your experience planner however the fish are up to you personally.

Jumping from a Perfectly Good Airplane
You are planning to take the plunge the beatles love why not check it out literally. Nothing like free falling towards the ground at over 100 miles per hour. Tandem jumps are offered at most areas for all those who have not ever been before. Sure your wedding video is likely to be astounding and you're your soon to be wife will watch it and show it off to your kids. But this a bachelor party video which you won't have the capacity to wait to post up to Facebook. An adventure planner can make sure everything goes smoothly and you'll have lots of photographs and video as a love quotes your passage from bachelorhood to wedding using a day in the high ropes course. Challenge, or ropes, courses are a fantastic strategy to get in touch together with your buddies and find out when you have what it requires in problem solving, cooperation, patience and mind-over-body focus. There are lots of things to do encompassing this experience along with your planner can take care of everything from lunch to setting up the post challenge party. Of course being able to show of the photographs of your bachelor party to your brand-new father-in-law may score you some extra points


21 Therapeutic Benefits Of Honey
Therapeutic benefits of honey
And lots of the studies found that honey has astounding therapeutic benefit, particularly if combined with a handful of cinnamon, according to Canadian researchers and despite the sweet flavor but that the level of honey can treat many diseases. Where the scientists study and compare research about the uses of early civilizations of honey, and found he had treated some long-term conditions for example arthritis, inflammation of the colon, the pain of the teeth, high cholesterol, colds, and baldness. The findings were published in the Journal of stunning World News Canadian prescriptions and to you:
1. Arthritis:
I found a study by the University of Copenhagen, 200 arthritis patients from beatles love show who took one tablespoon honey and half teaspoon cinnamon daily before breakfast for one week, completely recovered and healed the sick through the month of rest, and he could walk and go freely without pain.
2. Hair loss:
Place one teaspoon honey with a cup of olive oil, boiled, plus one teaspoon cinnamon, and create a mixture, area to the hair before showering quarter of an hour, or 5 minutes, and precipitation will be contingent on the hair due to the splendor and energy.
3. Bladder infections:
This beverage the contents and remove the bacteria in the bladder.
Create a paste of one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and five teaspoons of honey, place the mixture on the short love quotes pain. Placed 3 times daily, until it stops the pain or visit a doctor.
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1. If they coped with treatment 3 times daily for a week may fix fully.
2. Eating a tablespoon of honey taken before food cholesterol protects against illness
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This will definitely cure most chronic cough, chilly unit.
For a cold faster, Oasri a lemon, and definitively with a lemon peel to the other quarters, Ouhs minced garlic, place them in a pot and boil the mixture well, descriptive in my cup and spoon honey, drinking a cup of them every two hours.
7. Treatment of infertility, and erectile dysfunction:
Use honey for the treatment of infertility since ancient times, where he works short love quotes the sperm.
For men: coping with two tablespoons of honey a day before slumber.
For girls: workshop Qmn mix cinnamon with half a teaspoon honey and Afrckn the gums even dissolve in saliva and is absorbed by the body.
Honey taken with cinnamon powder cures stomach pain and discomfiture, when the address on a treatment, the removal of gastric ulcer entirely.
9. GAS:
10. Heart disease:
In order to avoid disease, heart disease, cholesterol, try eating a teaspoon of cinnamon and honey on bread full each morning. Those who suffered a heart attack, they can sleep assured the honey and cinnamon Aharien will clean and prevent the recurrence of angina. Blend additionally works to strengthen the heart confused love quotes The immune system:
Honey contains many vitamins and iron. The daily usage of honey strengthens the white blood corpuscles to fight bacteria and viral diseases.
12. Indigestion:
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A scientist in Spain has shown that taking hold of honey with cinnamon to stop the influenza and reduce the outward symptoms.
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Drink a mixture of honey and


Will a Love Quiz Really assist you to Understand More?

You need to know if you are really in love - and your find a quiz that is going to assist you to do that. But do the responses of the quiz truly tell the exact truth, or are you placing a lot of value towards those quizzes.

Sometimes you will get an response which you don't enjoy and be worried about the relationship because of it. And sometimes you will get an answer that lets you know everything is acceptable when love phrases it is not. And it is when you allow the answers change you as well as your relationship negatively or confuse you in some way you will begin to find problem.

Having said that, love quizzes can also allow you to figure things out as well! So here are some guidelines to make sure that you make the absolute most out of your quiz.

Why a Love Quiz may Be beneficial to You as well as Your Relationship

Your gut instinct is a strong thing. It enables you to know when quote about love danger ahead and when to turn around, plus it also enables you to know when to trust in what you see.

A love quiz will be able to help you answer questions different from your own emotions which are clouding your judgement and give you a clearer view of what is happening. They may be a like an reliable friend - except you won't make the quiz feel awful for being frank with you!
A love quiz can be very ideal for you when you're in an adverse relationship and love is quotes not see it because of your emotions. It can help you see the light!

Exactly what a great Love Quiz Should Look Like

What's the difference between a great love quiz plus a bad one? The questions.

If you look at the quiz and find yourself looking at a grade 3 level thought procedure then you definitely may choose to discover another quiz to aid you in your actual and significant relationship. Questions like "Do you think he's/she's adorable?" may not have the most revealing answers.

It should allow you to discover i love love relationship is made of love or infatuation. It should let you have a better understand of whether your relationship is healthy or not.

Where to Find Great Love Quizzes

Despite the fact that magazine quizzes are enjoyable, they might not be the heaviest love quizzes you will find. You may be taking a quiz from someone who is in a horrible relationship and doesn't comprehend the very first thing about being happy in a relationship.

A better idea would be to find relationship pros and take their quizzes. You'll find relationship first love quotes the internet, and you might also read books written with these pros. Love quizzes really are a standard portion of how the experts assist you to figure out things for the unique self.

So do not forget that love quizzes possess the capability to assist you in your relationship should you answer them frankly and openly, and if you could find a quiz that's really intended to get to the underside of things in your mind and relationship. So, look for a credible source and get ready for your own


This is so, so sad.

"She chose to participate in Panhellenic recruitment because of networking benefits the sororities can provide. Although she enjoys her sorority, she said Southern culture and historical habits in IFC and Panhellenic could prevent non-white members from feeling “completely comfortable.”

--> Paying thousands of dollars a year to experience racism and bigotry amongst your "sisters?" Honey, there are tons of networking opportunities to be had elsewhere. Join a club, get an internship, volunteer. Don't buy into the system. Thank you for speaking out, but you're actually making the problem worse, not better, by participating in what you're so against and know in your heart is wrong.

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Don't Threaten. Threats of harming another person will not be tolerated.
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