Alvin Ahmed

Alvin Ahmed graduated from the University of Georgia this year and was 25 when police say he committed suicide.

After three weeks of grief and uncertainty, the family of missing University of Georgia graduate Alvin Ahmed has answers.

Gwinnett County Police determined on Aug. 8 that the body found two days after he went missing was Ahmed, according to GCPD.

Ahmed, who was 25, went missing on July 16. Just two days later, a body found in Lake Carlton in Gwinnett County was reported to police.

Ahmed was working as a pharmacy intern at Publix in Loganville and had just bought groceries for his mom before he went missing. His car and groceries were left in the Publix parking lot, which indicated to his family that he may have been abducted. However, in recent findings, investigators believe this was planned to stage his disappearance.

A note left in Ahmed’s phone also indicated that he planned his disappearance. The note laid out his plan for the night: to turn off his watch and phone, discard them and walk to Lake Carlton, which is two miles from Publix where he was last seen in person. The note was found in the “Reminders” app, although his phone has not been located.

Around 10:06 p.m., Ahmed was seen on video footage walking alone at Atmosphere Sports Bar in Loganville. He was also seen on a home security video footage to be walking toward Lake Carlton around 10:30 p.m.

“There is no credible evidence that the case was a homicide,” Cpl. Michele Pihera told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Investigators determined the body suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound from a gun owned by Ahmed.

“I never would've thought I could deal with a tragedy like this," Ahmed’s brother Kalvin posted on his Facebook page on Aug. 6. “I never thought I would lose my little brother but we're all standing because of the love and support from so many people.”