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The head of the Horticulture Department, Doug Bailey, has been named the assistant dean for academic affairs in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. 

Dr. Doug Bailey has been part of the Bulldog community since he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in horticulture from the University of Georgia back in 1980.

Fast forward nearly 40 years, Bailey is using his experience as an administrator in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

As of Jan. 1, Bailey was named the CAES assistant dean for academic affairs, according to a UGA Today press release. Bailey has been a UGA professor and head of the Horticulture Department since 1999.

After obtaining his bachelor’s degree from UGA, Bailey went on to obtain both his master’s and doctoral degrees from Purdue University. He previously taught in North Carolina State University’s horticulture department.

As the assistant dean for academic affairs, Bailey’s main responsibilities include assisting in the implementation of undergraduate and graduate programs, encouraging faculty development and creating effective strategies for student recruitment, retention, enrichment and career development.

Although Bailey’s new position involves less interactions with students, he believes he will still be able to make an effective impact on their experiences and careers here at UGA.

“My interaction with students is mostly behind the scenes,” said Bailey on the CAES website. “I don’t have a lot of direct interaction with students, but I hopefully make their interactions with our college better.”

As Bailey continues the transition into his new position as assistant dean, he will remain the head of the horticulture department until a new head of department is named.

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