Two students stand in front of the crowd of freshmen and call the Dawgs. The University of Georgia held its annual Freshman Welcome in Sanford Stadium on Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2019 in Athens, Georgia. (Photo/Ryan Cameron, rac86114@uga.edu)

Every year, we hear the freshman class gets smarter and smarter. Higher test scores, lower acceptance rates, more applicants.

But how true is it? Did they really beat your class’s SAT scores? Are there seriously more applicants than the year you applied?

Check out how your class stats compare to the UGA Class of 2023.


Everyone’s favorite predictor of where each class stacks up in comparison to the other. All grades boast scores that have made the process extremely competitive.

Test Scores

One of the most analyzed parts of an incoming student’s application is test scores. The SAT and ACT are the top two tests that admissions counselors look at to determine an admission decision.

Acceptance Rate

If you have parents that attended UGA, you’ve probably heard them doubt their ability to get into the university if they were to reapply. This offhand remark is reflected in the decreasing acceptance rate, meaning that more people apply than get accepted every year.

Class Size

The Class of 2023 is smaller than the two years before, both of which classes faced housing shortages.

 Number of Applications

The Class of 2023 continues a nine-year trend of more first-year applicants applying to UGA each year. Over the last four years, the admissions department has seen an increase of over 6,000 applications. 


The number of incoming minority students has increased by 14% since 2015.  

Check out The Red & Black's investigation into diversity at UGA.

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