The Beta Lambda chapter of the Kappa Sigma fraternity officially returned to the University of Georgia's campus, initiating more than 70 brothers on Oct. 25.

Kappa Sigma was suspended in 2010 following an internal investigation into hazing allegations and controlled substance violations.

Davis Warnell, a senior management major from Athens and president of Kappa Sigma at UGA, said he was a brother of the fraternity while at Young Harris College and wanted to bring a chapter back to the University.

“It really started from Kappa Sigma [brothers] from other schools who transferred here and met up and started recruiting guys last September,” he said.

However, Alfredo Rodriguez, a senior economic major from McDonough and vice president of Kappa Sigma, said the organization is not registered with the Interfraternity Council at the moment.

“In order to be registered with IFC, we have to have a charter from [the national fraternity],” Rodriguez said. “So right now we’re a colony, which is kind of like a probationary chapter. We’ll be getting our charter this month so that’s when we’ll petition to IFC.”

Warnell said Kappa Sigma has about 81 brothers this semester.

When asked how the Greek community has received them, Warnell said he and his brothers have not heard anything negative or positive about their return. He said fraternities and sororities at UGA haven’t made a big deal of the organization coming back.

“I haven’t heard anything negative in the least, but I haven’t really heard too much,” Warnell said. “We actually just got approved as a student organization earlier this semester, so we still are very new to the campus, but nothing negative.”

Rodriguez said they’re just trying to keep a low profile and get everything done in order to become a part of IFC.

“We’re trying to keep our heads down too. We’re not trying to come out as this big surprise. We’re just doing what we need to do and just getting the work done,” Rodriguez said. “Right now what we’re focusing on is getting our ducks in a row. Our nationals require us to do a lot of administrative stuff before we can get our charter.”

However, that does not mean that Kappa Sigma isn’t participating in Grek social life.

Rodriguez said during the process of meeting the requirements to become an actual chapter and petition to join IFC, he has been trying to keep member morale up.

“I guess this semester is about keeping the morale of our guys up because it’s been a long process for them,” he said. “So we’re doing some of the social stuff but at the same time, getting the stuff we need for nationals done. We’ve had a good time this semester.”

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