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Out of the 42 cases investigated by the Equal Opportunity Office from 2011 to May 2018, 13 of these investigations resulted in violations to the Non-Discrimination Anti-Harassment policy. 

Over the past two years, The Red & Black looked into every allegation of harassment between 2011 and May 2018 that was made against professors and others who have direct contact with students. 

According to documents obtained through multiple open records requests, there were 42 cases during that time detailing potential violations of the Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment policy, which governs behavior of university employees. Thirteen of those cases resulted in violations being found and sanctions being recommended to those professors. 

For a full look at those cases, read "Harassment in the Classroom." For an in-depth look at the professor with the most investigations, read "Open Records, Closed Doors." 

The timeline below is a look at the allegations and sanctions for the 13 University of Georgia employees who were found to have violated the NDAH policy. 

vertical NDAH timeline graphic

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