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Through the Georgia Commitment Scholarship Program, the UGA Foundation will match each of the four $100,000 scholarships gifted by the George W. Strickland, Jr. Foundation. 

During an annual meeting held on June 16, the University of Georgia Foundation held its elections for new trustees and leadership positions, which led to the unanimous election of William W. Douglas, to the position of chairman of the foundation, as well as several other shifts in leadership.

The foundation, founded in 1937 by UGA alumni, manages donations on behalf of the university. This involves not just book keeping and allocation of donor funds to academic and athletic programs, but investment of these same funds to develop external sources of revenue for the university. To date, the UGA Foundation has accrued over $1 billion in assets.

Douglas, a 1983 UGA alumnus with a degree in accounting, has served on the organization’s board of trustees for seven years, two of those as vice chairman. Douglas’s professional background is in the Coca-Cola company, where he served as Executive Vice President of Supply Chain from 2013-2015. On July 1, Douglas succeeded Kenneth G. Jackson, the previous chairman whose term ended June 30.

Joining Douglas on the new leadership team are John H. Crawford IV, Stephen M. Joiner and Steve C. Jones as vice chairman, treasurer and secretary respectively. Additionally, six new trustees were elected to the board of 48 members, with eight departing with the conclusion of their terms.

"It's with our deepest gratitude that we thank our outgoing trustees, all of whom have served with great distinction," Douglas said according to a UGA Today press release. "We are incredibly grateful for their years of commitment, generosity and leadership."

Joining the many freshly elected official is the new chief operating officer/financial officer of the foundation, Rebecca Caravati, who also began working in her new role at the UGA Foundation on July 1. Caravati’s appointment to the position follows a national search by a commission of nine trustees, headed by now chairman Douglas. Caravati served as deputy director for finance and research administration for the Georgia Tech Research Institute prior to her appointment.

Elections will be held once more prior to the end of Douglas’s two year term on June 30, 2019.

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