Lorgia Garcia Peña Zoom Screencap

Harvard associate professor Lorgia Garcia Peña hosted a guest lecture with three UGA professors that was attacked by a Zoombomber.

There are no indications that the Oct. 27 guest lecture Zoombombers are members of the University of Georgia community, according to an email from Franklin College of Arts and Sciences Dean Alan Dorsey to UGA President Jere Morehead and other senior administrators. 

The Zoombombers hijacked Harvard associate professor Lorgia Garcia Peña’s guest lecture about violence against women activists of color earlier this week. The Zoombombers loudly shouted several racial slurs, made death threats, showed a dismembered body and released organizers’ home addresses, 

“In the virtual world, anonymity is easily facilitated, and in some instances can be nearly guaranteed,” UGA Police Chief Daniel Silk said to Dorsey via email. “However, evidence suggests that this intrusion into our educational environment was transmitted via servers in other states and overseas, from perpetrators who apparently fabricated names and social security numbers to create additional fear among participants.”

UGAPD, the Equal Opportunity Office and the Enterprise Information Technology Systems are currently investigating the incident. UGAPD has also engaged with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to the email.

If any connection between the Zoombombers and UGA are identified, the EOO will be further involved, Silk said in the email.