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The ParkMobile app now offers students an alternative method to pay for parking. The single and five digit numbers indicate the available parking lots and decks near or on the University of Georgia's campus.

The ParkMobile app has brought a new method of parking payment to the University of Georgia’s campus. On Jan. 14, the company announced its partnership with the university which now allows students and visitors to pay for parking in 2,400 spaces in decks and lots through an app, according to a news release.

While utilizing the app, users can park at the Hull Street, Performing Arts Center and Carlton Street parking decks, as well as Health Sciences campus, Dooley Garden and other lots on campus. Rates vary per hour for Hull Street, PAC, Carlton Street, Park-N-Ride and Health Sciences, while most of the other lots have a flat rate of $5 per day.

To pay for parking, the user must enter the zone number they wish to park in, choose the duration of their session and press the “Start Parking” button. When the end of the parking session nears, the application will send a notification to the device — the user can extend their time if needed.

“We find that most students prefer to pay for parking with an app, which makes sense since they’re digital natives and grew up with smartphones,” said Jeff Perkins, chief marketing officer of ParkMobile, in an email to The Red & Black. “Our main goal is to provide a smarter way to pay for parking around campus.”

Looking forward, Perkins said the company hopes to offer parking reservations during UGA games.

ParkMobile provides parking payment services in Atlanta, Decatur, Roswell and Alpharetta, as well as in New York, Washington, D.C. and other cities across the country, according to the news release. The app is available to download for free on both Android and iPhone devices.

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