Believe UGA executive branch members, Charlene Marsh, Destin Mizelle, and Ammishaddai Grand-Jean, sing the Alma Mater as the newly elected SGA Vice President, Treasurer, and President at the University of Georgia Chapel on Wednesday, April 04, 2018, in Athens, Georgia. (Photo/Reynolds Rogers)

Efficiency: A

Mental Health Day initiative:

While the Senate passed mental health-related legislation, the executive administration did not petition professors to allow students at least one mental health day.

Supporting student orgs:

Hosted “listening nights, allocated more than $13,000 in funding, and highlighted student orgs on social media channels.

Improving campus safety:

Passed legislation relating to lighting installation at Intramural Fields. The Georgia Center bus stop was also moved.

Transportation routes:

Changed Health Sciences, Milledge, Riverbend-South Milledge and Vet Med bus routes and worked with Transportation and Parking Service to assess Athens Transit ridership needs.

Inclusive and affordable meal plan options:

Explored a swipe-based donation system to address food insecurity but no official changes announced.

Notable achievements not included on platform:

Converted Legion Lot to staff lot, lobbied for charging stations to be added to Ramsey and continued work of previous administration on deck check feature.

Transparency: B-


Destin Mizelle, a third-year student from Riverdale, Georgia, and Charlene Marsh, a third-year student from Norcross, Georgia, smile from their seats as their partner gives the 31st Student Government Association inaugural address at the University of Georgia Chapel on Wednesday, April 04, 2018, in Athens, Georgia. Mizelle and Marsh ran on the Believe UGA exectuive ticket as treasurer and vice president. (Photo/Reynolds Rogers)

Keeping students informed:

Streamed Senate meetings and made other Senate records available, hosted a “Meet your Exec” event and virtual town hall.

Creating a comprehensive list of resources:

Worked on resource domain initiative that will be available by next fall.

Informing students about campus happenings:

Released public statements about sensitive issues and requested student feedback on possible initiatives through surveys.

Acknowledging sexual assault:

Hosted “It’s On Us” week, where members tabled to inform students about bystander intervention and sexual violence prevention. 

Accountability in representation:

No corresponding accomplishment available to be found on list of accomplishments provided.

Cooperation: A- 


Destin Mizelle, Treasurer, Charlene Marsh, Vice President, and Ammishaddai Grand-Jean, the new President, all third-year students, raise their right hands to recite the oath of office during the inauguration of the 31st Student Government Association administration at the University of Georgia Chapel on Wednesday, April 04, 2018, in Athens, Georgia. The students ran on the Believe UGA excutive branch ticket. (Photo/Reynolds Rogers)

Engaged and approachable leadership:

Organized listening night initiatives and other events allowing students to interact with SGA leadership.

Promoting initiatives of smaller organizations:

Started “Org of the Week,” and allocated more than $13,000 to small clubs.

Formation of a coalition between Residence Hall Association and University Union:

Not completed but the administration has advocated for changes in University Housing, including changes to RA pay and gender-neutral housing.

Topical town halls:

Hosted “In Solidarity” event and other events, including Dawg Tag Day and International Coffee Hour.

Special Room Reservations Fund for small orgs:

Not completed according to list of accomplishments.

Other notable accomplishments not mentioned on platform:

Worked with UGAVotes on early voting initiative.

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