The University of Georgia's Sanford Stadium undergoes a renovation during 2017's winter break. Athens, Ga. Dec 30th, 2017. (Photo/ Justin Fountain, justingf@uga.edu)

While G-Day, a free game that showcases the Georgia football team for the upcoming year, recently has packed Sanford Stadium, the construction on the West End Zone complex will reduce available seating.

The University of Georgia Athletic Association will implement a pass system “to ensure that each guest has an enjoyable experience,” a UGA Sports Media Communications press release said.

The passes, prompted by the temporarily unavailable seats, will designate each person to a particular seating section to “help manage what is expected to be a near-capacity crowd,” according to the press release.

There will be around 78,000 passes distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis as fans enter the stadium.

“We are preparing for a full crowd and capacity should approach the 78,000 mark,” said Josh Brooks, executive associate director for athletics.

There are 92,746 seats in Sanford Stadium, but 14,000 seats will be unavailable due to construction of the West End Zone.

Gate 10, which is under the bridge next to the Tate Student Center, will also be closed due to construction. UGAAA asks fans to use Gates 2-9, preferably ones near their assigned seating section.

The West End Zone Project began in May 2017 and is slated to be compete by the start of the 2018 football season.

The 63 million dollar project will move the home team’s locker room from the east to the west end, expand the perimeter of the west end, add a 500-seat recruit lounge and update the toilet facilities, concession areas and football operations.

Although the construction will cause some inconveniences for fans, the new scoreboard will be fully functional with sound and video on G-Day.

The scoreboard is moved back toward the bridge and is 33 percent bigger than the previous one with enhanced video quality.

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