Beate Schmittmann, current dean of Iowa State University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and University of Georgia provost candidate, speaks at the Chapel in Athens, Georgia, on Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019. Schmittmann has spearheaded initiatives to strengthen student recruitment, university research and alumni relations, among others. (Photo/Rebecca Wright)

The second finalist for the provost position at the University of Georgia told faculty and students on Thursday, Feb. 7 that the keys to success are people, community and collaboration.

Beate Schmittmann, the dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Iowa State University, gave her speech at the UGA Chapel as a candidate for the position of provost. Schmittmann was the second candidate of four to present.

Schmittmann’s keys to success outlined her ideas for the opportunities that the University of Georgia has in the future.


Schmittmann said she believes in building teams that enjoy working with each other towards a common goal.

She also believes that one of the most important aspects of college is focusing on student success through active learning and high-impact learning experiences.


As dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Iowa State University, Schmittmann worked to recruit diverse faculty members and institute peer mentor programs that fostered diverse communities.

Schmittmann said if she is chosen for provost, she looks forward to strengthening partnerships with and developing communities around the world.


Schmittmann supports collaborative efforts because these endeavors will “give people the opportunity to make a difference beyond their own individual areas.”

During her time at Iowa State University, Schmittmann incentivized collaboration through seed grants. These grants providing funding for projects if they were conducted by faculty members from different departments.

At UGA, Schmittmann said she would support collaborative efforts through lowering barriers facing collaboration, finding people who want to collaborate and making collaboration valued at the institution.

Donald Leo, dean of the College of Engineering at UGA, works closely with the provost of the university, through developing budgets to resolving personnel issues.

Leo said Schmittmann demonstrates qualities beneficial to a provost, as “a person who wants to inspire us, but [is] also interested in ensuring that the processes associated with the way our colleges need to operate are implemented effectively and efficiently.”

Schmittmann described her core values as integrity, transparency, and respect, and, if chosen as provost of UGA, promises to work to earn that respect.

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