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In this series, we will explore where University of Georgia students are from and how they acclimated to the campus and city. 

38,000 students at the University of Georgia from 158 counties in Georgia, 50 U.S. states and 124 countries around the world — each student with a story to tell, each background with a group of students to share.

Throughout The Red & Black’s 126 years of publication and the UGA’s 234 years of operation, UGA’s student body has changed, in size and makeup. From international students to students from Athens, students from large cities to students from rural towns, students’ backgrounds have, in some form or another, shaped their experiences at UGA. What are their hometowns like? How have their experiences affected their time at UGA? What are the challenges of adapting to life in Athens?

In each of the articles in this series, The Red & Black will explore one background of students at UGA and speak with the people about their experiences. By reporting these stories, we hope to gauge a better understanding of the student body and its backgrounds.

If you want to be featured in the series, send us a news tip, or tweet us @redandblack.

International students face various obstacles at the University of Georgia, including time away from family and limited financial aid opportunities. These challenges contribute to an international student's decision to continue their education and careers in the U.S. or return to their home countries.

UGA's International Education Week 2019 is recognized from Nov. 18-22. Throughout the week, the International Student Life will host events to promote international education, such as free passport photos and the Parade of Flags. 

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