SGA 4/27/21

Sen. Jack Miller speaks against a proclamation to use leftover funds from the 33rd Senate for team-building. (Photo/Screenshot by Ellie Shafer)

The University of Georgia Student Government Association held its first Senate meeting of the 34th administration this Tuesday. During the meeting, senators passed a bill to modify the SGA’s legislative branch statutes and confirm new legislative cabinet and rules committee members.

According to the bill, the purpose of the legislation is to remove definitions that hindered the President of the Senate and the Senate to effectively legislate.

The call to modify the language of the statutes is a reverse on a bill passed by the 33rd administration, which initially put these definitions in place. The 33rd administration’s bill passed back in March, with its intended goal being to clearly explain the purposes of Senate staff positions and make the legislative branch more effective.

The March bill was heavily debated, but ultimately passed by a 29-14 vote. Senator-at-Large Jantz Womack authored the bill to remove the definitions, and it passed unanimously.

The Senate also confirmed its legislative cabinet and rules committee members for the 34th administration.

Executive Chief of Staff Joseph Benken introduced a proclamation that uses a portion of the remaining budget from the 33rd administration to fund team-building activities and leadership training for the 34th administration.

Benken, along with President of the Senate Mary Lyn Dyer and Sen. Natalie Campbell, authored the proclamation, but the Senate ultimately rejected it with a 21-16 vote.

Since the proclamation did not pass, the leftover money from the 33rd administration’s budget will be given back to UGA’s department of Student Affairs.