Charlene Marsh, a 20-year-old international affairs and political science double major from Norcross, Georgia, talks to Kimmy Lopez, a 20-year-old international affairs and political science double major from Cumming, Georgia, outside of the Zell B. Miller Student Learning Center at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia on Monday, March 19, 2018. Marsh is running for vice president on the “Believe” ticket for Student Government Association elections. (Photo/Rebecca Wright, http://rebeccamariewright.com/)

University of Georgia Student Government Association Vice President Charlene Marsh has voiced her opposition to Amendment 31-01, which seeks to change the leadership structure of the Senate by replacing the Vice President with a “President of the Senate,” popularly elected by Senators, as presiding officer of the Senate.

“As someone who has been involved with the Student Government for most of her college career, I can assure you that this amendment that seeks to make the Senate more independent may not be in the best interests of the student body at large,” Marsh said in a Facebook post urging students to vote “No” on the amendment, which is on the current SGA ballot.

In a previous interview with The Red & Black, author Patrick Femia said the amendment is intended to make the Senate more independent to pursue its own priorities outside of the executive agenda. He said the amendment was not a reflection of any vice president.

"This amendment has overwhelming support in the chamber it will directly effect [sic] and I believe the student body will see that," Femia said in a statement regarding Marsh's support.

The amendment passed the Senate with 73 percent approval. As a constitutional amendment, it is on the SGA ballot for ratification by students and requires two-thirds approval.

“I believe that uprooting the current system will do more harm than good to the legitimacy of the student senate and the ability of the Legislative branch to collaborate with other branches to bring about the changes that they promised you, the students when they first decided to run for office,” Marsh said.

Correction: In a previous version of this article, The Red & Black misstated the title of Amendment 31-01. The Red & Black regrets this error and it has since been fixed.

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