A gavel rests on the table before a meeting of the UGA SGA Senate in Athens, Georgia, on Tuesday, October 6, 2015. (Photo/Casey Sykes, csykes95@uga.edu)

Elections for the University of Georgia Student Government Association are fast approaching -- voting will take place from March 26 - 28.

Although much attention is given to voting on the executive tickets, which will determine the president, vice president and treasurer positions for the coming year, students will also have the opportunity to vote for the future SGA senator positions.

Senator obligations

Senators are expected to represent the needs and interests of their constituency and hold the legislative power of SGA.

The Senate is broken down into three sections: senators of schools and colleges, at-large senators and campus life senators. Each senator has one vote.

Senators of schools and colleges represent the college within UGA that they are enrolled in. Seats are given to colleges proportionally based on population.

At-large senators represent the entire student body. There is one at-large senate seat for every 4,000 students. There are four campus life senators: two for access and opportunity, one for health and humanities, and one for community involvement.

The Senate drafts, sponsors and votes on legislation. It also approves several appointed positions. Senators are involved in any constitutional amendments or impeachment proceedings. The Senate has the power to override a presidential veto with a two-thirds majority.

Current Senate

The Senate passed several resolutions during the 2017-2018 school year. The first resolution passed, 30-01, asks the Education Affairs Committee of the University Council to prioritize a week-long Thanksgiving break over a delayed semester start date.

Another resolution, sponsored by a number of freshman senators, plans to establish a “Spring Welcome” to take place in spring of 2019, a mirror of the Fall Freshman Welcome, but for spring first-year and transfer students.

Other resolutions were more symbolic. Resolution 30-08, authored by all three members of the executive branch, thanks football players and coaches for “the greatest football season in recent history.” Resolution 30-12 thanks the UGA Police Department and facility workers for repairing lighting on campus.

In Resolution 30-14, the Senate acknowledged the university’s legacy of slavery. The resolution also called for the erection of a memorial for the enslaved people employed by UGA in the past, as well as a marker at Baldwin Hall to commemorate the remains of slaves that were recently discovered during an expansion of the building.

More recently, the Senate passed a resolution requesting that UGA issue a statement promising high school students that their admissions status would not be affected by participating in protests and walkouts in the wake of the Parkland shooting.

Here is a list of the candidates for this year’s election:

Schools and Colleges candidates

College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences

Alisha Muscatwala

Jackson Williams

College of Environment & Design

Braden Meadows

College of Education

Caitlin Franchini

College of Engineering

Huzefa Husain

College of Pharmacy

Nimisha Vasandani

College of Family & Consumer Sciences

Cara Morrison

Franklin College of Arts & Sciences

Vinu Eranezhath (I)

Patrick Femia

Max Sumner (I)

Rachel Flowers

Kelton McConnell

Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication

Lily Holmes

Odum School of Ecology

Hannah Woodward

School of Public & International Affairs

Jessica Meaders

At-Large Candidates

Joan Brunel - “Action” Party

Jimmy Riemer - “Action” Party

Rutvi Shah

Connor Rahbany - “Action” Party

Andrew Stephens - “Action” Party

Jan Joho

Charley Claudio - “Dawg” Party

William Campbell - “Action” Party

George Alexander - “Dawg” Party

Grant Mitchell

Campus Life Candidates

Access and Opportunity

Jessica Douglas (At-Large Incumbent)

Allison Fine

Community Involvement

Ali Elyaman

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