Georgia Heights Construction

Construction on the Georgia Heights apartment complex is on schedule to be completed this summer. The ground floor will house a CVS Pharmacy, J. Crew Factory, D.P. Dough, and Dress Up Boutique. Samuel W. Wilson/Staff.

As students left Athens for the summer break, men and women in hardhats took their places as the construction season began. Roadwork shut down Baxter Street for several weeks while other projects occurred on and off-campus.

The Red & Black profiled some of the bigger changes around town while students were away.

Georgia Heights

The latest of the luxury student apartment high-rises to etch its way into the Athens skyline is Georgia Heights, which will be open to residents this fall. Located in the heart of downtown, Georgia Heights will offer students the opportunity to live in a high-end apartment that is only a brief walk from north campus and downtown.

Among the amenities Georgia Heights will offer are a pool, workout facility, outdoor grilling and lounge area, and study rooms. The complex will also include four chain retailers — J. Crew Factory, CVS Pharmacy, Dress Up Boutique, and D.P. Dough.

The luxury high-rise has been met with anticipation and skepticism alike. While many students are excited to have this unique apartment community on Broad Street, others are embittered by the rising cost of living in downtown as a result of these upscale luxury apartments. Some also contend that these complexes are tarnishing the scenic Athens skyline.

Terry College Expansion — Phase 1

Construction for Correll Hall has been taking place throughout the year. The 74,200 square foot project has a budget that totals to be around $35,000,000

The new facility will provide facilities for the Master in Business Administration program as well as other graduate programs and administrative support offices for Terry College. Later this year the project will enter Phase 2 with the addition of two more auditoriums, eight classrooms, and a veranda, among others.

The project will enter the final phase in 2017, with an expected completion date of 2019.

The UGA Arch

Built sometime between 1856 — 1858, the Arch welcomes new students and alumni alike into the university. The preservation work was carried out by the Facilities Management Division and CertaPro Painters with attention being paid to future-proofing the structure. The weathering of the Arch is believed to have mostly been caused by natural, environmental effects.

While the refurbishing of the Arch was completed a few weeks ago, the area is still surrounded by tarp due to the remaining work being completed on a new accessibility ramp. The ramp construction is expected to finish by the time the fall semester begins.

Other projects around campus

Summer construction also encompassed smaller projects in several campus buildings. Among these were renovations on Baldwin Hall, Carnegie Library, and the College of Veterinary Science ecology lab. The Science Learning Center is also still under construction and scheduled to complete in July 2016. The SLC will cost an estimated $44.7 million and cover an area of about 122,000 square feet.

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