haunted high-rise

Haunted High-Rises, an annual event hosted by the freshmen high-rise community, took place on Oct. 25 with a haunted house, trick-or-treating and a fall festival. 

On Wednesday, Oct. 25, the freshman high-rises at the University of Georgia celebrated Halloween a couple days early by transforming into the Haunted High-Rises.

Children from the local Athens community were invited to participate in a haunted house at Creswell Hall, trick-or-treating in Brumby Hall and a fall festival with face-painting and games on the Brumby lawn.

“This was a way to get the community together, not only college students, but as well as kids living in the area,” Anshul Banga, residence hall association representative said.

The Haunted High-Rises is an event held on the UGA campus every year and was organized this year by the Brumby Community Council and the Creswell Community Council. The resident halls were decorated and children came dressed in a variety of costumes ranging for disney princesses to Marvel superheroes.

“I really think it’s great to give to the community and to provide a place where kids can see college students helping out. It feels good,” said Noam Kleinman, Brumby Community Council Wentworth colony representative.

Residents in Brumby were asked to volunteer in the event by agreeing to hand out candy as children came knocking on the dorm doors.

“Honestly my favorite part of this is being here for the children,” Banga said. “It’s really great that they are able to come here. It’s a sense of community.”

Brumby resident assistants guided the children and their families up and down the elevators and through the halls to trick-or-treat.

Residents in Creswell not only participated by entering in the Haunted Halls themselves, but by volunteering to be some of the monsters lurking in the halls.

Outside on the Brumby lawn, the Brumby Community Council hosted a small fall festival in which kids could play “candy-pong,” get their face painted, roast s'mores by the fire, decorate their own festive pumpkin and eat fried oreos.

“It’s awesome,” Ambernicka Barnes, Athens resident said. “We loved it and we enjoyed ourselves. Them reaching out to the community, that’s an awesome thing,”

Banga said the main purpose of the event is to provide local children in the community a safe place to have a traditional Halloween experience.

“We spend a lot of time out in Athens just being consumers. It’s nice for us to give back. It’s not often that folks get to come into our private spaces and do things like this. It’s nice to be able to welcome them here to us,” said Brittany Chill, residence hall director said.

It is also offers the chance for children in the community to interact with UGA students and see what some of these students do apart from just going to classes.

“I think it just also gives them a chance as small children to even see from a base level what college might be like and something to aspire to. I also think it gives students the opportunity to give to the community in a way that helps them feel more apart of Athens,” Azura Morgan, Reed Hall and Creswell Hall area coordinator said.