U.S. Rep from Georgia's 10th District Jody Hice

U.S. Rep. from Georgia's 10th District Jody Hice visits a meeting of the UGA College Republicans.

U.S. House Rep. Jody Hice from Georgia’s 10th district spoke to University of Georgia students at the College Republicans’ meeting on Wednesday evening, Oct. 18. Hice discussed topics ranging from his political experience to struggles of bipartisanship in Congress.

Hice has been the Georgia 10th district representative since 2015 and currently serves on the House Oversight, Government Reform Committee, and the House Natural Resources Committee. Since January of this year, he has served as vice chairman of the Subcommittee on Government Operations for the Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Hice started the meeting by thanking students for their involvement in his campaign by canvassing and making “tens of thousands” of phone calls.

Hice then addressed the struggles of bipartisanship in Congress and passing legislation as being a “very cumbersome process,” specifically noting the Senate’s 60-vote rule which requires 60 senators’ votes in favor of ending a debate in order to vote on a bill.

The dilemma for GOP politicians is that there are currently 52 Republican senators, leaving the party eight or more votes shy of those needed  to end debate and pass any controversial legislation.

“The Senate right now is really, really struggling to do anything,” Hice said. “Democrats are just not cooperating. We have almost 300 bills sitting at the door of the Senate for [the senators] to do something, but they haven’t dealt with any of [the bills] yet.”

Another topic of the meeting was the proposed Fair Tax Act of 2017 which, Hice said, will likely make it through the U.S. House.

If passed, Hice said the bill will be “enormously productive in spurring our economy both domestically and globally” because it reduces corporate tax. He also said the tax reform would simplify taxes.

The topic of discussion then turned to the Republican’s attempts to pass new health care legislation to repeal Obamacare.

“The senate didn’t even consider [the American Health Care Act]. Instead, they tried to pass their ‘skinny repeal’ which was basically nothing. They couldn’t pass that. Then, [the GOP tried] the Graham-Cassidy bill, and they couldn’t pass that,” Hice said.

Hice said he believes Republicans may try to pass another form of health care bill with a reconciliation bill for next year's budget.

“What I think is going to happen is, next year, there will be another reconciliation opportunity, and I kinda think we’ll try to attach the health care [bill] for a second time,” Hice said.

Reconciliation legislation does not require Senate’s typical 60 votes to end debate, bypassing the filibuster and potentially allowing Senate Republicans to push the bill through without Democratic support.

Congress is typically limited to one reconciliation bill per year since there is only one budget, though multiple reconciliations are possible if multiple budget resolutions are passed.

An opposing opinion discussed was about reconciliation of a strong pro-life position with cuts to prenatal care and defunding of Planned Parenthood in the previous GOP health care bill.

Hice responded and said, “Planned Parenthood is an abortion industry.”

Hice ended the meeting by reaffirming Republicans’ success on Capitol Hill despite the “negativity” the media reports on, he said.

“We just added a million jobs in the last nine months. Unemployment is at a sixteen year low. Our borders are more secure. Our military is the strongest it’s been in years. There is a lot of positive stuff that is happening in spite of the innovation of negativity coming from some of the national news media,” Hice said.

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The FAIRtax℠- i.e., H.R. 25 (“FT”) is a Progressive Scam – we need a Simple 10% “Tithe” Income Tax!

FT marketers advertise that it is MORE Progressive (more welfare).

Of prime importance, the Prebate is not a real refund of FT paid, as it appears to be. It is a $600B NEW ENTITLEMENT, with all Americans receiving a big monthly federal check –a bad idea. It is financially and politically unwise to create yet another a huge entitlement that will only increase in the future.

FT (Prebate) has the poor pay for no part of the fed budget, pay nothing for their personal SS/Medicare benefits, AND give them a big tax welfare check. FT (Prebate) extends tax welfare to the non-working poor – and also gives SS/Medicare to all regardless of work, by removing the tax cost of reporting SS Wages, which “invites” fraud in reporting them (as also noted by other authors).

The Prebate is marketed as merely repaying the poor for any FT they pay (as if we all agree with that), but it would actually pay them far MORE by “assuming” the poor spend more than the underlying HHS Poverty Guidelines and that they will pay FT on all of their purchases (but they WON’T).

They claim (deceptively) FT is “only” a 23% sales tax. If goods cost $100 BEFORE FT, you add $30, total $130. They deceptively divide the $30 FT, by $130.

Some FT’ers still market the old FT lie that we get a big raise (no Income or P/R taxes), AND FT prices would be the same as today’s - that just cannot be true. FT is merely supposed to change the method of paying the same total tax dollars we pay today, so if take home pay rises, prices must go up by the same total dollar amount (except for minor savings). Even the AFFT now admits that prices would rise substantially, and perhaps the full 30%.

FT causes a combined fed+S/L 30-45% initial in-your-face sales tax that would spark a taxpayer revolt that would destroy our retail-sales-sensitive economy (30% FT - not 23% - plus 0-15% S/L. An illustrative 30% evasion/avoidance rate produces @ $1T+/- revenue shortfall likely to bring a NEW Income Tax. Incredibly, FT “assumes” zero evasion, intentional reduction in spending, and migration to used goods.

The 30% rate is really 50%. While claiming to be “fully transparent – just look at your receipt and you see all the tax” - FT hides another appx. 20%.

USED property is advertised as exempt from FT, but that may be a cruel hoax, because of the practical difficulty of establishing that the buyer has met the requirements that FT was paid AND that none of 3 listed credits against the FT were claimed.

It is a myth that “IRS is Abolished.” FT’s new IRS (i.e., STAA) may be more invasive. The buyer is liable to pay FT and receive/show a receipt. STAA may audit CONSUMERS and may require an “Annual FT Summary”.

As also noted by Cato Institute, FT leaves us more vulnerable to winding up with both a NEW Income Tax AND FT (instead of adding 20-30% on top of the FT’s already high 30% rate). Congress would surely repeal FT’s laughable “Sunset Clause” and (with the 16th Amendment surely still firmly in place) would use the excuse of the large revenue shortfall from evasion/avoidance to enact a new Income Tax (I believe Congress’ goal is to saddle us with both taxes).

To summarize, it appears that FT initially required a 70-80% rate. They simply “assumed” away 20-30% evasion/avoidance, hid another 20% – all to get the rate down to 30%. Then they deceptively twisted the statute to make 30% superficially appear to be “only” 23%.
Seniors would start to pay for SS/Medicare again. Some would pay a 2nd-3rd tax. Many middle class seniors would pay more FT than they would have paid in Income Tax and many would lose purchasing power.

FT promises grand economic benefits which are all entirely unpredictable - mere Hype & Change. FT employs marketing hype and hyperbole, making countless undeliverable claims.

We need a very Flat Income Tax; No: Deductions/Exemptions/Credits, a 10% rate, business income taxed only once and on a very simple basis - IRS is neutered, 1 page tax filing, everyone pays, more evolutionary.

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