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The University of Georgia has created a plan for students to receive refunds for housing, meal plans and certain student fees. (Photo/Jason Born)

The University of Georgia has implemented a plan to refund certain student fees and for the remainder of the spring semester, according to an Archnews email.

The email stated that March 16 was the last day of service for the services funded by student fees, marking 54% of the spring semester. UGA will therefore refund 46% of the athletic, green, recreation, and transportation fees, according to the email.

$10.35 of the student center facility, $20.60 of the student activity and $8.67 of the University Health Center fees that students are not utilizing during the campus closure will be refunded as well.

The total of these refunds amounts to $128.24, according to the Bursar & Treasury Services.

In addition to these refunds, housing will be refunded according to the hall and number of “unutilized bed nights,” 46% of the residential meal plan in the spring semester will be refunded and parking permit fees will be refunded based on the price of the permit. Suspended and canceled study abroad programs will refund program costs on an ongoing basis.

The refunds will be issued from March 30 to April 10, and the email advised students to update their Athena student account refund profile by March 30. An exact breakdown of the refunds can be found here.

On March 16, UGA announced that all instruction for the remainder of the semester will be moved to remote instruction, with few exceptions. As of press time, the UGA community has two confirmed cases of COVID-19 — one an undergraduate student and the other a UGA Athletic Association staff member.

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