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The University of Georgia Police Department is located inside the Hodgson Oil Refining Co. building on Oconee Street. 

RA finds unconscious man lying in front of residence halls

An officer was dispatched to the area between Boggs Hall and Church Hall after a resident assistant called about an unconscious person around midnight on Oct. 18, according to a University of Georgia police report.

The officer made contact with the RA, who said he called because he was concerned that the man was suffering from an alcohol overdose. The individual was lying unconscious on the ground in “disheveled” clothing with “one shoe on and one off,” according to the report.

The officer woke the man up and asked what his name was. The man told the officer that he was from Indiana and had been in Indianapolis that night. After the officer repeatedly asked about the man’s whereabouts that night, the man eventually said he had been at Double Barrel in downtown, according to the report.

Emergency medical services arrived on the scene and determined the man was in need of medical attention. The man was transported to the hospital and charges were declined due to medical amnesty.

Man arrested before football game for assaulting an officer

A police officer was working a gate at Sanford Stadium during a game when he noticed another officer dealing with an intoxicated individual around 6 p.m. on Oct. 19, according to a UGAPD report.

The man was slurring his words, swayed while talking and had the smell of alcohol on his breath. According to the report, he was not able to speak in complete sentences. The man tried multiple times to give the officer his concealed carry permit instead of his student ID.

Officers told him that he was too intoxicated to enter the stadium for the game after he began to use expletives in the crowded space. The man then shoved the first officer’s shoulder, according to the report.

According to the report, the man was handcuffed and arrested for assaulting a law enforcement officer and transported to the Clarke County Jail.

Man dies in UGA parking deck due to diabetic related medical condition

A woman called police to the South Parking Deck after she found man yelling for help shortly before 8 a.m. on Oct. 23, according to a UGAPD report.

When officers arrived, they saw the man sitting on the ground beside his car in apparent distress. The caller and another man were assisting him. According to the report, it appeared that the individual was having trouble breathing.

The officer positioned the man so he was lying flat on the ground in an attempt to clear his airway. He was able to move his hands and feet, which led the officer to believe that he was not having a heart attack. The man had glucose tablets in a bottle used for low blood sugar and the officer determined he had a diabetic-related problem, according to the report.

Paramedics arrived on the scene and provided him with glucose to raise his blood sugar, according to the report. Emergency medical services arrived shortly after and moved him to a stretcher. The man then stopped breathing and EMS began CPR.

The man was later pronounced dead at the hospital. According to the report, the Athens-Clarke County Coroner indicated that there were no signs of foul play and that the death was due to his medical condition.

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