UGA police cars

A University of Georgia police car is parked in front of the police department.

Police called in reference to woman involved in battery

University of Georgia police were dispatched to the Georgia Center in reference to a lost individual shortly before 3 a.m. on Nov. 5, according to a University of Georgia Police Department report.

Police arrived on scene and met with a woman who had a “golf ball sized contusion” on her forehead and a reddening eye. She told police she was trying to get back to Statesboro.

According to the report, police believed the woman was one of the parties involved in a battery reported earlier that evening. The reported battery did not result in any arrests and no primary aggressor had been determined.

The woman stated she had no money with her and her phone was broken. She said she needed directions to get back to Statesboro. According to the report, she smelled of alcohol and agreed with police that she was not in a safe condition to drive.

The woman’s boyfriend called the front desk and said his mother was bringing him to pick up his girlfriend. The woman attempted to purchase a room for the night, but none were available. She chose to sleep in her car until she felt safe to drive, according to the report.

Her boyfriend said he would stay with her until they could both go back to Statesboro. According to the report, the officer advised against this but had no legal standing to stop them.

Man barred from UGA campus due to suspicious activity

A woman called police in reference to a suspicious man in his sixties looking into car windows in the lower Russell Hall parking lot around 2 p.m. on Nov. 8, according to a UGAPD report.

The caller said the individual was pressing his face against car windows, “yelling and stumbling towards the complainant and a group of friends” and asked how they were doing. According to the report, the caller said she felt “very unsafe.”

The officers found a man matching the description in the West Campus Parking Deck. According to the report, he told them he had not been in the lower lot. Officers were able to determine the complainant was correct, and they barred the man from all UGA property and transit for 180 days.

Student arrested for providing false information to officers

An Oglethorpe House resident assistant called police concerned about an intoxicated woman lying down in the hallway a little after midnight on Nov. 8, according to a UGAPD report.

When officers responded to the scene, the RA stated the woman walked into a dorm room shortly before she called. Officers entered the room and found the woman with the two residents of the dorm room. When officers stepped outside of the room with the woman and asked why she was previously lying down in the hallway, she said she was “tired from having finals all week,” according to the report.

When officers asked the woman for her identification, she said that her ID was in her room and she had lost her keys, according to the report. The officers determined the woman had been drinking due to bloodshot eyes and the odor of alcohol on her breath. She told police she had not been drinking.

Officers asked the woman to write down her name and date of birth. She wrote that she was born in 1995, and when asked to confirm if it was the correct year, the woman said “yeah I think, pretty sure,” according to the report.

The woman's information did not return any results, dispatch found. The officers then asked for her middle name, which she said and spelled incorrectly. According to the report, when asked if her year of birth was the reason her information was not returning, she said she was actually born in 2001.

Medical amnesty was granted in this case and emergency medical services were not called, but the woman was arrested for providing a false date of birth to a law enforcement officer. According to the report, she was transported to the Clarke County Jail and turned over to deputies.