UGA Bookstore

The University of Georgia book store has closed but will accepted textbook rental returns by mail. (Photo/Taylor Gerlach)

The University of Georgia on-campus bookstore has temporarily closed in light of coronavirus concerns but will accept rental returns by mail and buy back books online, according to a coronavirus FAQ page on the bookstore’s website.

Follett Higher Education, a corporate entity, manages the bookstore.

Free FedEx shipping labels are being provided for returns, according to the coronavirus FAQ page. Students can access shipping labels through their account on the bookstore’s website or through a link in a rental reminder email.

They should receive reminders 14 days, seven days and three days before their rental is due and on the due date. Students can sign in with the email they provided at the bookstore during rental registration.

While due dates for rentals are not being adjusted, according to the FAQ document, no student will be charged a late fee until 15 days after their due date. The bookstore still recommends shipping rentals by the due date to avoid late charges.

Rentals originally completed online can be bought or extended through the rentals page on the bookstore’s website, but in-store rentals cannot currently be bought or extended, according to the FAQ document.

Students can sell their books back to the store here.

Shipments for students who placed orders online may have been back-ordered because some shipping locations closed due to COVID-19, according to the FAQ document. Orders will be filled once the shipping location opens back up.

For pick-up orders, customers should contact their campus store through the questions and comments form online.

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