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In the days of old, University of Georgia students could pick up free copies of The New York Times at select locations around campus. More recently, the Collegiate Readership Program provided digital subscriptions. Now, at least for the next seven months, students will have to pay for access to the paper themselves.

Last March, the UGA Student Government Association All Campus Allocation Committee, made up of members of SGA and UGA Student Affairs, informally voted to cancel the Collegiate Readership Program for the 2020 fiscal year, according to SGA executive director of student engagement Johanna Mercurio.

This program offered UGA students a free subscription to national publications such as The New York Times.

Vice President for Student Affairs Victor Wilson approved the majority decision that went into effect in June. The cancellation will last until another vote on the subject at the next All Campus Allocation Committee meeting in March 2020, according to Mercurio.

The committee is run by the SGA Treasurer and includes representatives from SGA, University Union, student veterans and other groups, Mercurio said. Destin Mizelle of last year’s administration served as treasurer during the time of the vote. The committee works with Student Affairs to determine the distribution of funding for clubs and organizations on campus.

“It’s not a completely SGA-held committee,” Mercurio said. “It’s composed of 50% SGA and 50% from Student Affairs.”

Funding for the Collegiate Readership program originally came from the $78 student activity fee. Mercurio voted against legislation to stop the funding as a senator on the All Campus Allocation Committee, however the majority voted to cancel the subscription.

UGA Public Relations Manager Rebecca Beeler directed questions to Mercurio due to the Collegiate Readership Program being “an SGA initiative,” Beeler said via email.

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