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The University of Georgia class of 2024 had a 46% acceptance rate, according to admissions statistics released in March. (File/Staff)

The students admitted to the University of Georgia class of 2024 had a 46% acceptance rate — the lowest rate in the last 10 years, according to UGA admissions statistics released in early March. Most of these students were admitted to start at UGA this fall.

This marks a nearly 20-percentage-point fall from the 63% acceptance rate for freshmen who started in fall 2011, the highest of the 10-year span, according to the 2019 UGA Fact Book.

The 13,131 admits for the class of 2024 were selected from a group of 28,524 applications, according to admissions statistics. For the class that started in fall 2010, 58% of the 17,730 students that applied to UGA were accepted, according to the 2019 Fact Book. The total number of applicants increased every year over the last 10 years, climbing by more than 10,000 from 2010 to 2020. The number of accepted students increased by nearly 3,000 over the same span.

This year’s admitted students had core GPAs as calculated by UGA that ranged from 3.97–4.22, according to the admissions statistics. A 2012 admissions news release said the GPA range of the students admitted to start that fall was 3.74–4.04.

Standardized test scores make up part of the “demonstrated academic achievement” factor used by UGA admissions along with GPA and class rigor. The middle 50% range of ACT scores for admitted students has increased slightly, from 27–31 in 2012 to 28–33 this year. Since 2017 UGA admits’ SAT scores have remained around the same middle 50% range, from 1320-1490 in 2018 to 1320-1460 in 2020.

The average number of AP and IB classes students took in high school has risen as well. Since 2012, the average number of AP or IB classes high schoolers took went from six to nine, except for a 5.6 average in 2015.

Although acceptance rates have fallen over the past decade, the size of UGA’s admitted freshman class has increased. In 2010, 10,331 students were admitted, while 13,131 students were admitted this year.

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