A freshman throws his arms into the air and cheers. The University of Georgia held its annual Freshman Welcome in Sanford Stadium on Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2019 in Athens, Georgia. (Photo/Ryan Cameron, rac86114@uga.edu)

The class of 2023 continues the nine-year trend of more first-year applicants applying to the University of Georgia each year. Not only did the amount of early-action applicants increase by 14% from the previous year, but a record number of 29,314 first-year students applied for fall admission.

The university accepted 13,050 students hailing from 55 different countries, 49 states and 154 Georgia counties from the first-year applicant pool, amounting to an acceptance rate of 45%, a 4% decrease from 2018 and an approximate 11% decrease from five years ago. Approximately 5,500 students began their classes on Wednesday.

The class of 2023 boasts an average weighted high school GPA above 4.0, as compared to the 3.91 average from four years ago. The average standardized test scores increased as well — the average SAT score sits at 1395, while the average ACT score amounts to a record 31.

34% of admits were minority students. The number of incoming minority students has increased by 14% since 2015, however, and one out of three students from the class of 2023 is a member of a minority group. Only 660 of the admits, about 5%, were first-generation college students.

Georgia residents overwhelm the class of 2023 — 82% of the incoming students are Georgia residents, leaving an 18% margin for out-of-staters and international students representing 43 states and 40 countries.

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