uga covid sex guidelines graphic

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing UGA students to rethink their sexual health and what guidelines to follow. 

Sometime late last week, a screenshot of sexual health tips during COVID-19 circulated social media from students across the University of Georgia community.

The page was originally published on the University Health Center’s Condom Express webpage, which promotes sexual health on campus.

However, the post was taken down because “the information was mocked, ridiculed and criticized on social media,” Greg Trevor, UGA’s spokesperson, said in a statement to The Red & Black.

screenshot covid sex guidelines

A screenshot of the now-deleted COVID-19 sex guidelines from UGA’s University Health Center.

The advice given on the former page was consistent with advice given by various organizations such as the New York City Public Health Department, whose advice made headlines this spring, as well as Mayo Clinic and the Terrence Higgins Trust, a charity based in the United Kingdom for HIV and sexual health.

Each of these organizations recommends individuals participate in masturbation rather than engaging in sex with other people. However, if individuals do engage in sexual activities with others, they should wear masks, avoid face-to-face positions and avoid kissing.

While the Health Center’s advice was a series of at least six bullet points on safe sex during the pandemic, the NYC Health Department provides a more comprehensive list of suggestions and guidelines on practicing safe sex with partners, such as monitoring their and your own symptoms, asking if they have been tested for COVID-19 and engaging with a consistent sexual partner.

While the advice from the Health Center has been laughed at across social media, it should be noted that the NYC guidelines go a bit further in their recommendations:

“Make it a little kinky. Be creative with sexual positions and physical barriers, like walls, that allow sexual contact while preventing face to face contact,” according to the guidelines.