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Governor Brian Kemp has appointed longtime University of Georgia economics professor Jeffrey H. Dorfman as State Fiscal Economist. 

The University of Georgia’s “Commit to Georgia” fundraising campaign raised more than $200 million for the third consecutive year. Funds will be used to create new scholarships and fund the completion of facilities in 2019.

The campaign’s goals are “increasing scholarship support, enhancing the learning environment and solving grand challenges through research and service.”

“I want to offer my thanks and appreciation to each and every donor in the UGA family for helping us achieve these important goals that have advanced the university,” said UGA President Jere Morehead said in a news release. “Because of their incredible generosity, we are now reaching exciting, unprecedented heights across our missions of teaching, research and service.”

Over the last five years, the fundraising average has continued to increase. Five years ago, the average was under $115 million. This year it reached $204 million, up from $185 million last year.

Over 71,000 donors have contributed to UGA in fiscal year 2019 — 39,658 were alumni. Since Nov. 2016, more than 158,000 donors donated to the campaign.

$9.4 million was raised by current and former UGA employees, and more than $53.3 million has been donated by current and former UGA employees since the campaign started.

In FY 2019, 191 scholarships were created, and 451 scholarships have been established in total.

Because of the money raised by donors, the completion of several facilities were completed including M. Douglas Ivester Hall, Sanford and Barbara Orkin Halls in the Business Learning Community, the Alice H. Richards Children’s Garden at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia and more.

Private donors also created 17 new faculty positions in 2019, and since the start of the campaign, UGA has added 87 endowed faculty positions.

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